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‘I need money now for free and fast’ – that is how it all starts. The reasons may be various – from having to pay medical bills, deal with a car repair, or pay for a long-awaited vacation. Whatever the cause, there is no time to waste until a perfect solution will come.

[quote]You may often hear: ‘I need money fast as I’m cash-strapped until the next payday’. Or something like: ‘I need money urgently because I have extra bills to pay off.’[/quote]

Once you run out of cash, there can be numerous reasons for getting it fast. Here is what we suggest.

I Need Money Desperately! That’s What You Think?

Let’s get it straight. When you need the money, you are looking for a perfect financial solution. Although there can’t be a perfect way out if you need quick money, there are still options for you to explore.

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Before we jump into the most attractive and suitable options to choose from, here are some general thoughts and expert opinions about financial issues.

We all can have certain moments in life when we have to confess that we need some money help. The only perfect solution for such occasions is an emergency fund. What can you do if you have no savings? Well, here is where things start to be more serious.

  • What should you do in case you need money now and have bad credit?

In this situation, any traditional lender will hardly approve your loan application. When the managers at the local bank look at your score, they won’t probably want to deal with you even if you say ‘I need money right now! Help!’ And even if the bank agrees to lend when you desperately need money, the loan will come with collateral, tough terms and high rates.

So, if you need 500 dollars by tomorrow, here are some of the most suitable solutions.

Borrow from Family

It may be humiliating to ask a family member to help with money. But there is nothing wrong if you need money in an emergency and traditional banks reject the loan application.

You may feel embarrassed to ask for money asap even if you are close enough and your family members are happy to help you out. In many cases, relatives can agree to lend money without any interest, that is for free. And this is one of the best options. The only thing experts suggest is to sign a formal agreement. Thus, you feel more accountable for the money you borrow and know your repayment schedule.

On the other side, there are some disadvantages of asking your family ‘I need money badly. Please, help.’ The main downside is that you might ruin your relationship with the loved ones in case you are not able to pay the debt off.

You should understand that if you need money now with bad credit and your family member can help you out, you should borrow only the required amount. If you are not sure about your ability to repay even a small $200 loan, you must think twice before making this decision.

Ask Your Friends or Colleagues

It can be a good idea to consider the assistance of your friend or colleague when you need money ASAP. Don’t underestimate the real help they can offer if you are really in big trouble. Provided that you sign an agreement, your colleague or friend will be sure that everything is under control and the money will be given back in a set time.

Try Online Loans

Short-term loans have become really popular. Whether you need money for rent or school, online lenders offer extra cash over a short time. It’s a useful option when you need to borrow some money but your loan request was rejected by the local bank or you don’t have any relatives to help. Such small loans are generally used when the money is needed for a couple of weeks or so.

Some people ask ‘I need money fast. What can I do?’ You may turn to an online lending service that connects borrowers with direct lenders. These same day deposit loans are neither big, nor long-term, but they include high interest rates. So, the borrowers must be sure they will be able to pay the loan in full and in time.

Use Installment Loans

Another great option to solve the “I need money desperately today” situation is to use installment loans. This loan type works similar to a personal loan when you have a certain payment schedule and you repay the loan in regular payments on a monthly basis. This lending solution may be a good choice if you desperately need money now and want to find an easier loan to pay off.

But if you need to borrow money fast and have no time to improve your credit score, installment loans can really help to solve your urgent financial issues. They are generally more affordable and have higher principals. Some companies report the payment details to the credit bureaus, which means you can improve your credit score if you repay the debt on time.

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Pawn Your Stuff

If you have certain valuable things that you aren’t using now, you may think about pawning them with the plan to get them back once your financial situation becomes stable again.

Remember that pawning is different from selling and you won’t get the full value of the things. Moreover, you will have to pay the interest in order to turn the item back. Often, customers can borrow money from such pawn shops for a month. Though, some lenders extend the period to a few months at least which makes it more flexible.


The main drawback here is the necessity to pay high interest rates that also depend on the laws of a certain state.

Turn to Local Banks If You Need a Lot of Money

The last but not the least lending solution is to turn to traditional banks or credit unions. When borrowers desperately need money today, it may be not the best decision. But if you can wait for a few weeks until all the paperwork is done, then you may get approved for a loan with lower interest.

If you are desperately in need of money and have bad credit, then we recommend not to waste your precious time. Most local banks don’t want to deal with risky borrowers. If your credit score is far from excellent, we advise opting for one of the above-mentioned solutions.

A Few Words to Conclude

We want to help you understand that any financial emergency is a tough situation in which a person must be responsible and accountable for any further actions. If you turn to the wrong path, you might get even more in debt than before.

All in all, there may be times when you are in a desperate need of money. No matter what your personal reason is, don’t hesitate to search for the best and most suitable solution that will help you solve the problem. Nothing is impossible if you look for the opportunities and use them to your advantage. Hopefully, you will make a wise decision.

Remember to borrow wisely and never take out more money than is actually enough to get your financial emergency solved. And don’t forget to improve your credit score so that the next time you may need to borrow money you have even more options to choose from.