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Regardless of your revenue, you still might aim for extra money. There are many opportunities. You can apply for a personal loan to make the ends meet, or find a part-time job and run a garage sale. Still, there is always a time for fun, isn’t it?

Get Money Online

We have prepared a list of the weirdest ways to earn money. Probably, you will even find something to your taste. We hope that you will never think “I need money desperately fast” again but if you will, we will update the content with the new portion of the weirdest ways to make money! But for now, let’s check out what we have here.

Take a Selfie!

Stars and bloggers have already found out how to earn on Instagram. Still, this option requires an exciting life and sophisticated taste to attract thousands of subscribers that would trust your opinion. There is a shorter way to make money online.

You can take a selfie, upload it to the Stylinity, and tag the clothes you wear. When people purchase the clothes you tagged, you receive points that you can later redeem for cash.

The working principle of this service is simple. You should take a selfie in the clothes that you bought or tried. These items should refer to one of the 180 retailers that Stlynity is currently cooperating with. You should scan the barcodes of each item, take a photo and upload it to the app. Once you reach 1,500 points, you can join the Stylinity’s StylePerks Rewards Program and choose these exact four times a year you can redeem the points you got from the retailer.

Make Money with Your Car

No, we won’t offer you join Uber (though it’s always a good idea). You can use your car as a moving banner carrying the ads of different companies.

The companies look for the drivers, usually simple citizens, who are ready to carry an auto wrap. Usually, these wraps are called vinyl decals and are put on your car. They look like painted ads. You don’t have to dedicate much time to it. You should only drive your car as you usually do with an ad on it. This advertising is cheaper for the companies but you can earn from $300 to $900 a month.

Sell Different Liquid from Your Organism

Yes, it definitely sounds weird and it is so.

Mommies often start selling their breast milk. Sometimes their babies are fed with baby food or they have too much breast milk. It’s possible to earn $1-2 per ounce selling. There are special breast milk banks and marketplace where you can sell or purchase breast milk online.

You can also sell your plasma – a liquid that is extracted from your blood and used to treat rare diseases. Hit a local plasma donation center. Get information from the local hospital. You can earn up to $300 a month.

Plus, men can also sell their sperm. Just for the record.

Cut Your Hair

The next $300 you can earn if you sell your hair. This variant isn’t suitable for every woman because the price depends on the thickness, length, structure, condition, and the color of the hair. Here is a hair price calculator that will tell you how much you could earn.

Create Stock Images

You can sell photos even if you aren’t a professional photographer. You know that you can pay a solid fine for using that “not for a public use Google image.” That’s why dozens of stock images services exist and you can sell your photos there. You will be surprised what kinds of photos these services need: from a perfectly mowed lawn to the ridiculous party photos. Here you can take a look at our Flickr account.

Sell Metal

Selling metal is a well-known way to make money. Nowadays, some kinds of metal are especially worthy (for example, copper).

If you have some old metal stuff, you can hit the local scrap metal. If you don’t have it, check out the other positions of our list with the weirdest jobs (don’t plunder neighbors’ houses!).

Involve Your Pets

If you woke up this morning with a thought “I desperately need money” and took a look at your pet, you were, actually, pretty close to the cool way to make money. Many companies need photos of healthy good-looking pets for their business. Pets modeling is a wealthy industry. If the passers-by stop and “awing” when they see your pet, you should Google some ads.


We bet that you saw these eating contests on TV. This stuff, by the way, is considered a sport. You can try yourself. Just check out whether there are any events here! Some people managed to earn $100,000 as a prize.

cut your food expenses

Lose Weight

After participating in the Eating League events, you can try yourself at losing weight and earn money! There are plenty of marathons that pay money for every lost kilo! Check them out. Here is a story of a woman that did it.

Write Reviews

Yes, some companies are looking for people that will write reviews on their products and share them on different websites and forums. A couple of hours a day and you have extra cash for lunches for the next week.