sites like Speedy CashWhat do you do when you need cash straight away? Tons of worries and insecurities make your head spinning, right?

Ease your financial stress and get assistance from loan places similar to Speedy Cash.

Now, take a break and look at the following lenders who provide loans like Speedy Cash.

When you apply for loans similar to Speedy Cash, odds are you expect to get fast financial aid in as little as one day. And that’s no wonder. Being a direct lender, Speedy Cash offers in-store and online payday, title loans, and other cash services.


Based in Chicago, OppLoans makes our list of the best loan places like Speedy Cash to consider.

The company positions itself as a safe and trusted alternative to other direct lenders like Speedy Cash.

With a whopping of 100,000 satisfied customers, OppLoans could be the lender of your choice.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, OppLoans works as one of the best options for personal loans with bad credit.

Even with 600 credit, a borrower is able to apply for a loan.

When it comes to rates, OppLoans may have lower payday loan rates compared to other loan companies like Speedy Cash.

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The best thing about OppLoans is that it reports credit data to all three major bureaus. For a borrower, that means an ability to improve a credit score. So, once you are sure you can make monthly, on-time payments in full, consider using OppLoans for your next loan.

Personal Money Service

loans from Personal Money ServiceFounded in 2013, Personal Money Service ranks high amongst the best loan companies similar to Speedy Cash.

It’s a great option for borrowers with both good and bad credit.

When emergency expenses pop up without warning, let Personal Money Service help you.

The key thing about the company is that it’s not a direct lender itself. To get started, fill in the form and the company connects you with lenders like Speedy Cash.

The best thing about the company is that there are no minimum credit score requirements. Yet, the good rule of thumb is to have a 550 score or higher.

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Once you’re about to apply for a loan, make sure you learn the fees that the lender you’ve picked will charge. As such, fill the application once and get matched with multiple online lenders and Speedy Cash competitors to get up to $5,000 for any purpose.

Personal Loans

PersonalLoansLooking for Speedy Cash alternatives? A great place to start is to visit the Personal Loans website.

It’s the other lender network dedicating to matching those with bad credit to personal loans up to $35,000.

A minimum of 600 scores and at least $2,000 of verifiable income per month is enough to apply for a loan. The company offers some of the most flexible terms anywhere, with APRs from 5.99% to 35.99% and repayment options ranging from 90 days to 72 months. Indeed, it all depends on a lender and the loan you apply for.

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Unlike some lenders like Speedy Cash, PersonalLoans comes with the obligation-free rates quote. The benefit? You can see your loan options without having to give away your bank account information.

Whatever your personal situation, it always makes sense to learn and understand what you’re signing up to. You’re not obliged to accept any loan offered by PersonalLoans, sure thing. Yet, once you accepted, get access to your funds as soon as the next business day.

Cash Advance

CashNetUSA alternativeWhen finding the best option to borrow money, the Cash Advance online lending network can be right up your alley.

Compared to sites like Speedy Cash, CashAdvance is a marketplace where the choice of reputable lenders and financial products they provide is huge. It’s best suited for those who are in a tough financial situation to solve their short-term cash problems.

Unlike websites like Speedy Cash that require a borrower to have a minimum credit score to apply for a loan, claim no minimum score requirement, meaning that you can apply even in case of bankruptcy. Face it, it could be a great option for some empty-handed borrowers.

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The rates range from 15% to 1,564%. To find out the full cost of the loan you apply for, consider using the cost estimator on the website.

When it comes to the amount of money you can borrow, the sum is not all that huge. That’s anywhere from $100 to $1,000. The catch here is interest rates. In some cases, an interest rate could be as high as the triple digits. The repayment terms vary from lender to lender, yet, as a rule, you have to repay the loan within one year.


alternative companiesWhen you’re looking for online loans like Speedy Cash, CashNetUSA is worth to explore.

The first thing you notice once landed on the website is a question about your state.

The reason for that is that the rules and regulations for payday loans like Speedy Cash provides vary across the U.S. As a result, your state will determine what aid you’re allowed to get. Thus, everything from the maximum amount of a loan to fees and repayment terms depends on the state you live in.

One rule that works in every state is that a borrower who repays his loan early is penalty-free.

Once your request is approved, expect the funds to be deposited directly into your checking account. Just because of the higher interest rates through CashNetUSA, it’s always smart to think on your feet.

If you’re not sure that you understand the terms, you’d better shop around for same day payday loans similar to Speedy Cash. 


CashNetUSA competitorUnlike other lending companies that provide payday loans like Speedy Cash, LendUp bills itself as an alternative option.

The company offers two types of loans – a single-payment loan and a multi-payment one.

The difference is in repayment methods. The first loan you need to repay in full at once, the second one – in equal payments. Both options have high percentage rates and short repayment terms.

If you are a responsible borrower who repays loans on time, you’ll be awarded. The LendUp Ladder program will accumulate points and let you borrow at progressively lower rates.

Even though rates are better than at many lenders who provide quick and easy loans similar to Speedy Cash, they’re still high. They’re ranging from 30% to 900%, which is very high. The amount you can borrow might start from $100 and up to $1,000. Yet, when a few hundred dollars in cash could be a huge aid, LendUp might be perfect for that task.

Today lots of people used to apply for installment loans like Speedy Cash to solve their financial issues. So, if you’re on the lookout for places like Speedy Cash, the list of options above is perfect for that task.

Is Speedy Cash Legit?

Available in 29 states, Speedy Cash is a licensed lender, thus a legit option for people who are strapped for cash.

  • Can you pay your loan back within the allotted time? The better for you and your credit.

The key thing to remember is that this easy-to-approve option always goes hand in hand with the risk of ending up paying for your debt. Found a too-good-to-be-true option? Nothing’s free, so is with taking a loan. So, think twice to understand all given information before you make a pick.