online security on the financial websiteIt’s highly important to stay secure while using a lending service. The thing is that while filing an application form on the website, you put your personal financial data and to feel safe you must be sure that this data is protected on the highest level. Keeping your personal and financial data private and secure is the biggest priority of Personal Money Service.

We already have taken many steps to make using the website and the service absolutely safe. However our staff works hard to improve the safety system every day to make it even more secure for your comfort and confidence that with Personal Money Service your information is really safe.

What We Do to Protect You

We understand how much you appreciate security and privacy. When you apply for a loan on our website, you want to be sure that the information you enter will not be available for any third parties and will remain private. That’s what we do to protect your personal and banking information.

Every day our website is scanned for potential security holes and other problems. We regularly update our security mechanisms to make breaking into the system absolutely impossible. On the main page of the website, you can see that we use McAfee and Comodo certificates which scan the system and protect your data. For more details, click on them to see exactly how it works. uses quality protection from the viruses because the last thing you want is to leave the website with a virus on your computer. That’s why the website is regularly scanned and the best virus protection is used for your safety.

We use the newest tools to recognize possible service attacks and to stop them immediately. Any attack will be banned immediately because we put consumers’ safety in the first place.

Security protection is used to keep the data between the user and the service provider. With Personal Money Service you can be sure that your data is secured and 100% confidential at every point of the process of getting financial assistance. You have all the best reasons to choose our website.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

We try hard and use different modern mechanisms to protect your information but still, you play a significant role in the process. Read this to get to know how you can keep your information safe.

Don’t rely on your email too much. It’s better to avoid sending any sensitive and confidential information via email. If you have any questions, you can always use our contact form by pressing Contact Us. Our contact form is secured and safe so it’s the best way of communication between a consumer and a small personal loan provider.

Choose passwords carefully. Pay special attention to choosing passwords to websites which may contain any banking information. Don’t be lazy to set a complicated password consisting of uppercase, numbers and regular letters. Don’t use one password for all sites.

Don’t forget to update your antivirus. It’s not worth underestimating antivirus so regularly check if you have the latest version. Also we recommend making regular updates of your browser. It is not as much for security, but for you to be able to appraise all the updates of our websites.

Pay attention that PersonalMoneyService company never calls its consumers and never asks for password or account information via email. Be cautious and let us know if you have noticed something suspicious. Unfortunately, occasions of fraud still happen so never act on impulse and don’t trust personal and banking information to any third parties.

In case some activity seems suspicious to you, don’t hesitate to contact us through the contact form on our website. It’s the only way to stop fraudulent activity.