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Will the Credit Check Affect my Credit Score?

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Three main and the most reliable financial bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – contain the specific information about your credit score. You can apply to these bureaus once a year without influencing your credit score. Along with these powerful resources, you can use FICO and dozens of others online websites.

In fact, it’s possible to check out your score as many times as you want by purchasing a trail period or paying for every attempt. Still, while some articles ensure readers that multiple checks won’t affect the credit score, it’s wrong. In fact, multiple checks manage to lower your number up to 5 points and that’s enough for some borrowers to get a credit refusal.

By the way, learn how to get free credit report!

So, don’t apply for this information too often, especially, if your credit score is alright. If you need to improve it, you also don’t have to check it out every week until you do the substantial changes. So, keep an eye on your credit history but don’t worsen it with your overprotection!

Furthermore, most of the banks can receive an access to your credit score and check it out without harm to the balance.

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