Short term lending services are in demand these days because many consumers live from paycheck to paycheck. Every financial emergency makes you vulnerable in case you have low or middle income and every dollar of your salary is planned for something. What to do if you need to get money urgently but by one or other reason, there are no options where to get it? In such occasion, getting an online or short term loan from Personal Money Service is the best solution.

However, today’s lending market is full of companies providing similar services. What makes us special and why it’s worth choosing Personal Money Service?

Great Variety of Services

We provide financial assistance for all the life events. If you’re in emergency and need to get money urgently, you can get an online loan or an emergency loan and fix your money issue in a few clicks. Also the company provides unsecured, short term and installment loans intended to help consumers dealing with unforeseen financial crisis. Moreover, our products and services available to consumers with damaged credit. If you’re a business owner, we also have something for you. In case you need funds to cover your business expenses, we’re ready to offer 3 types of credit products: short term, unsecured and small business loans. Get the money for your business, stay successful and independent!


You don’t have to go somewhere to get a loan from Personal Money Service. All you need is a device with an Internet access. We operate round-the-clock so even if financial emergency arose at night time, don’t hesitate to turn to our company. You will get quality and fast financial support. No need to explain why you need the money – just fill simple and convenient application form on our website. You won’t face any complicated questions – only basic personal information and your bank account information (when your loan will be approved, the money will be deposited directly on the banking account). We work for you and save your time because when you have a financial problem, all you want is to deal with it as soon as possible.

Bad Credit Score? No Problem!

We provide financial help not only to consumers with good credit. We understand that there are many factors impacting a consumer’s credit score and that not all the people have good or perfect credit. People with damaged credit also face emergencies and money problems which can’t wait so it would be wrong to leave them without an opportunity to get fast financial help. That’s why if you have bad or damaged credit and your credit score is not as high as you would like it to be, you can still take an advantage of our services. You can read even more information about us here.

Financial Education

One of the most important tasks for Personal Money Service is make consumers happy with their financial life. Do you have a money problem? Leave it for us and do more important things. But we want our consumers to know how to make right decisions and to act wisely in doubtful situations. That’s why we have a company blog where reputable financial experts share their advice on numerous topics related to business and finance. We strongly recommend our consumers and visitors of the website to check our blog because regularly we publish articles which can boost your financial literacy and help with the fresh idea or making an important decision.

Consumer Appreciation

We appreciate every consumer or just a website’s visitor. That’s why we use personal approach. Our loan matching mechanism finds you a perfect loan based on your requirements. Loans from our lenders meet consumers’ financial needs and suit their repayment abilities. With our company you get a loan which really perfectly suits your personal needs. That what makes numbers of consumers choose Personal Money Service as a favorite loan provider.