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Black Friday is the day many consumers are impatiently waiting for. After Thanksgiving Day, November 28, all the major retailers start impressive sales so people will be able to buy Christmas gifts at special prices.

Most likely that you also would like to enjoy attractive special offers! Then, there are things you must know about Black Friday 2019.

Read below to where to find the best deals, what time the sale starts, how to shop wisely and how to get the maximum use of this day.

Stay Frugal and Avoid Overspending

As we know, some people are shopaholics and the word “sale” is magical for them. Financial experts advise to plan your expenses ahead and to make a list of must-have items. Make up a budget intended for Black Friday sales and create conditions that will not allow exceeding it.

Another important point is to be careful with credit cards and loans. If you don’t have enough funds to shop you can always apply for online loans or pay with a credit card. But try to borrow money and use credit products only if it’s necessary. Getting into debt is easy but paying it down is sometimes hard.

Use money borrowing options only if you are sure that it is not a problem to repay the loan and make sure that your credit score is high enough to get a good interest rate.

Shop wisely because it should bring positive emotions. Try to do your best to avoid disappointment concerning making the wrong choice or decision.

Check Store Hours and When Sales Start

First, it’s worth saying that you can usually see the advertisement for Black Friday sales only on Thanksgiving Day but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan your shopping and wait so long. There are things you can do already today. For example, visit the website dedicated to Black Friday and you will see the preview of deals and this year’s ads. Also, you will find a lot of useful information concerning stores and the best deals over there.

But before you go shopping make sure you know the working schedule of the stores and when sales start. For example, Walmart is opened 24 hours and Black Friday sale starts already on Thanksgiving Day at 6 p.m.

Kmart opens at 6 a.m. on November 28  and the sale lasts until midnight of November 29. It means that customers will have 42 hours for amazing shopping! Take advantage of it and read here to find a full working schedule for major retailers.

Compare Prices and Shop the Deals Only

Use websites which allow prices comparing. Don’t think that if something is on sale then it’s already worth buying. Also, shop the deals only. Choose the best ones and take advantage of them. Some people make a mistake when they try to buy all the Christmas gifts and decorations on Black Friday.

Remember, that your goal is to buy items you really need at record low prices. Follow your shopping list and avoid impulse purchases. And check return policies.

Black Friday is something you should get prepared for. That’s why, take your time, check all the necessary information and enjoy a great shopping day.