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What Is VA Debt Management?

VA debt management is a program of debt management and collections for veterans. If your job refers to the VA sphere, you can apply for a debt managing program on the special (usually beneficial) conditions.

For this purpose, you should apply to the VA debt management center. You can do it online – visit VA.gov/debtman/. There you can get help from the VA debt management center and apply for a program.

Get Out Of Debt

For VA debt management program qualify:

  • Veterans;
  • members of the Armed Forces;
  • family members who incur debts as a result of their participation in most VA compensation, pension, and education programs as well as home loans closed before January 1, 1990.

There are many peculiarities of this kind of debt management and collection system. Therefore, you should look for a VA debt management phone number and call. The center works Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. During these hours, you should call to the debt management VA center and explain your specific situation. As all cases are different, you shouldn’t expect the same terms that your friend faced.

The good thing about VA debt management is that it’s really profitable for veterans. Therefore, consider this option if you have problems with debt managing.

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