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What is Uber Car Insurance?

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Almost every coverage plan includes exclusions and many of them refer to “driving-for-hire” case. It means that the personal auto insurance won’t cover accidents if the owner uses the vehicle for ride-hailing services such as Uber.

Before becoming an Uber driver, you should check out whether your coverage plan has such exclusions. If it contains, then you should purchase supplemental commercial auto insurance.

Car insurance for Uber drivers works when the app is on. When the app is off, then the personal insurance works. When the Uber driver just signs in the app, the lower level of insurance is possible. When the driver accepts the order, then the higher level starts working. It ends up when the client gets off the vehicle.

Uber and car insurance differ. If you are Lyft or Uber driver, some states consider you a commercial driver and require purchasing commercial driver’s license. In such states, when a commercial driver gets in an accident and has no commercial license, he promptly becomes a subject of prosecution even if he has commercial auto insurance policy. Therefore, it’s crucial to check out the requirements of the state to the car insurance for Uber.

To get a special kind of coverage, you should contact your insurance company and ask about the details.

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