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What is Short Term Health Insurance?

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Short-term health insurance or temporary health insurance is a working solution that offers to fill in gaps in coverage. You are eligible for short term health insurance plans if you:

  • Wait for other coverage to activate.
  • Wait until a request for Medicare coverage to approve.
  • Haven’t got health insurance, outside of Open Enrollment.
  • Remain between jobs.

There are even more cases when the best short term health insurance is the right solution but these are the most common.

Individuals, students, spouses, and families also can qualify for temporary health insurance but for families, there are additional requirements.

You can get short-term health insurance one day before application. Still, you can expect for a longer period.

You should understand that there are things that might not be covered by certain company and covered by the other one. For instance, preventive care or prescriptions, as well as a doctor, might not be covered by some plans.

You should remember that some plans can require you to select Primary Care Provider as a coach, a manager for your temporary insurance. Sometimes it’s free but in most cases, it’s a paid option.

A big benefit is that there is any enrollment period – you can apply for short-term insurance any time. Still, it’s important to check out short term health insurance reviews beforehand as there are many fraudsters and scammers online who may call it cheap health insurance.