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What is Private Health Insurance?

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A private health insurance is a type of coverage with multiple benefits. Obviously, the sum of money (which is higher than a simple one from NHS) that you pay will guarantee you a fast treatment (less than few days) and convenient conditions (en-suite room, TV, delicious food).

Everything is made for your comfort – you choose time and place where you will be diagnosed as well as a specialist out of the special list of the professionals.

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There are two types of private insurance, among which you will choose. The first type is a cover with moratorium underwriting, which doesn’t cover any expenses that have been made for several past years.

The second one is a coverage that uses your complete treatment history and saves the connection with your attending physician. It’s the most suitable type of the health insurance for older people and it’s called a cover with full medical underwriting.

A private coverage is considered to be more reliable as the attitude to the clients is usually more responsible as they have paid for an excellent treatment. Still, if you can’t afford it, you can always apply to a simple health insurance, which will provide all required measures outlined in your package.