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What is Mexican Car Insurance?

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If you plan to travel to Mexico, your USA car insurance is invalid and you have to purchase Mexican auto insurance. You can buy the policy for several days, six months, or one year.

Purchasing Mexican rental car insurance is important because, in the case of an accident, Mexican police can arrest you, impound your car until the matter of the case will be settled.


If you decided to purchase this coverage plan, you should consider the help of such large insurance companies as GEICO and Progressive. They offer the best Mexican car insurance because specialize in international car insurance policies. The other way to buy a plan is to buy it on the border but the price will be several times higher.

When you apply for coverage, you have to provide information about your auto type, its value, your age (they emphasize on the drivers under 21), about your aim of travel, places you will visit in Mexico, time that you will spend in Mexico, the limits that you want.

Common Mexican insurance contains liability limit, some medical help, uninsured motorist insurance. It can sometimes include rental car insurance, roadside assistance. The plan can even cover the plane tickets if something happens to your car.

How Much is Mexican Car Insurance?

On the average, daily insurance will cost you $200, semi-annual – $350, and annual – $440. The prices vary from company to company but the difference isn’t substantial.