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What Is General Car Insurance?

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General car and home insurance are the most wide-spread types of the general insurance. A general insurance is the one that doesn’t cover a life belay and divides into two parts: personal lines and commercial lines. The first type is supposed to protect a policy owner from damage, which was caused to the possession. The commercial lines cover the damage, which was caused to the business of the policy owner.

General car insurance offers property and casualty coverage. The property insurance covers the damage, which is caused TO the policy owner – the casualty coverage pays off the damage, which is caused BY the policy owner. Here is a sample of the general car insurance: the driver hits the other car (due to the careless driving, for example). The insurance company will pay off for the maintenance of the policy owner’s car (via property insurance) and the car of the casualty (via casualty belay).

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The car, which refers to the company, is paid according to the terms of the commercial line, a personal car – according to the conditions of the personal lines.

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