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What is Cash Advance APR?

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Cash advance APR is an annual percentage of interest rate that a borrower has to pay for money he borrows. Business cash advance is an expensive type of loan and the APRs are usually higher than for other loans. Mostly, cash advance APR starts with 25% and more. Sometimes it can come with triple digits.

It’s possible to get a cash advance in the ATM if you have credit cards with cash advance. The amount of cash advance depends on cash advance limit on the credit card. Be careful as it can be lower than the credit opened for purchases. To check out the cash advance limit, you should check out credit card statement or log in to your online account to find this information.

There are 0% APR cash advance credit card offers. BankAmericard® Credit Card, Alliant Credit Union Credit Cards, Edward Jones World MasterCard, Purdue Federal Credit Union, and many others offer 0% intro APR for certain months (usually from 12 to 15 months). If you look for 0% APR cash advance, you should visit your local bank or their online app and ask about any offers possible.

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Cash advance is a handy solution when you are out of money but the APRs can be high, so keep it in mind.