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What is Blockchain Wallet?

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Blockchain bitcoin wallet is one of the most popular and safes digital platforms to store Bitcoin and Ether. It’s a home for 15 million of wallets! If you check out Blockchain wallet review, you will see that people like the platform because of the high level of security and convenient interface.

You can track your cryptocurrency transactions, work with Bitcoin and Ether, and check out your balance easily. It’s also easy to adjust the fees according to your priority.

It’s possible to use Blockchain wallet app from all devices. It works well with Web, iOS, and Android.

In fact, the app is free to use but you will face Blockchain wallet fees when your digital currency moves in or out the wallet. The size of the fees depends on the amount of the currency. If you want to adjust an option, you should visit “Customize Fee” settings.

The potential users usually ask “Is Blockchain wallet safe?” and this question is absolutely reasonable. The providers of the platforms worked well on the security. Blockchain info wallet has three security levels that protect the wallet from hack attacks and fraudsters. Still, you shouldn’t tell the verification data, your login, and password to anyone!