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How does a Bitcoin have value?

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The Bitcoin course is breaking records. Only in a year, the cost of Bitcoin has grown twenty times. It was possible to buy Bitcoin for $1,000 at the beginning of January. One of the reasons for the Bitcoin course growth is a great public interest. In the last week of November, Bitcoin broke two records at once. For the first time, its value reached a five-figure number – $10,000. Soon the Bitcoin value reached $20,000.

Still, the value of Bitcoin dropped the last month due to the fears that the trade will be banned in South Korea. The government of South Korea for bad trading the Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency anonymously. Then the representatives added that they won’t ban the trade at all. After that, the cryptocurrency had rapidly stabilized before it dropped again.

Bonus: Bitcoin to USD ratio calculation.

This is a brief Bitcoin value history. As for 02.06.2018, the market of cryptocurrency started to go up and win back the lost positions.

The Bitcoin current value is $8,688.42 as for 06.02.2018. In comparison to the last week, the Bitcoin value increased more than 18%. In comparison to the last month, it has dropped up to 37%.

Published on February, 6.