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What is Annual Credit Report?

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A credit report is needed to understand the situation with the credit score. Careful people, who don’t miss payments, might not check out credit reports regularly. But unscrupulous borrowers should check out credit report but not too often.

Annual Credit Report is a service that allows people receiving a free credit report once per year from each of the three credit reporting companies. The federal government has launched this program and every person qualifies for it. There are certain alternatives to the free annual credit report. Some websites might ask borrowers to sign up for a “free trial” in order to check out the report.

Credit Report

Borrowers, who need an annual free credit report, should visit AnnualCreditReport.com, enter their state, basic personal information and choose one of three credit reporting agencies to get the report for free. Every company offers 1 free credit report in 12 months.

When you choose the company to receive free credit report annual, you will go to their website to identify your personality. You will have to answer some questions and then get information directly and print it or receive it via email (it usually takes 3 weeks).

You don’t need to search for “my annual credit report” among paid services. Remember that you have s service from federal government.