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What Is a Business Credit Card?

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A business card is a bank card, which covers the expenses of the different corporations and enterprises. It doesn’t differ from the simple credit card visually but it has some peculiarities. The size of the corporation doesn’t matter.

The first peculiarity lies in the credit limit. The credit limit of the business card is bigger than a limit of the consumer credit card. This option helps companies to make bigger purchases.

Most of the banks offer business credit cards along with different rewards such as gift cards, travel points, insurance, or low rate and low fee as added bonuses. Some banks charge 1 or 2 reward points for every $1 or $2 spent on the business purchases. Some business credit cards come with a zero annual fee and interest rate of about 19.99% (the RBC Rewards Visa Gold card). The American Express Business Gold Rewards credit card offers $180 of an annual fee and 30 percent interest rate on purchases. Still, the terms differ.

Obviously, there exist risks connected with business cards. Your delays and nonpayment affect your credit score and will be visible to the potential lenders in future.

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