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What are Personal Loans for Veterans?

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Personal loans for veterans are the small business loans with benefits for veterans. Veterans often apply for such loans when they transit to civilian life and want to provide a financial assistant or simply when they need to cover unexpected expenses. Veterans can get a financial assistance from a bank, credit union, or a lender (online or the local one).

Some lending institutions promise to issue guaranteed personal loans for veterans with bad credit below 630. It’s possible but you must provide substantial collateral or a reliable co-signer. You won’t be able to receive an approval without providing a backup plan.

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Speaking of the personal loans for veterans with bad credit, it’s impossible to define the average APR because every single lender defines its own one. They might start from 9.95% and reach to 35.99% or start with 17.59% and reach to 35.99%. The loan term is usually up to five years. It takes up to several business days to approve the loan.  Most of the lenders conduct a soft credit check.

You can also apply for the guaranteed personal loans for veterans from the credit unions. The APR will be lower and the conditions will be more reasonable if you have a good or fair credit score.

For instance, Navy Federal Credit Union – the largest credit union with more than 7 million members – offer loans for veterans up to $50,000, with loan terms up to 15 years and rates of 7.39% to 18%. You qualify if you are a veteran, active-duty military, a Department of Defense civilian employee, or a family member of any current member.

The next option for you is applying to USAA for unsecured personal loans for veterans. Under almost the same conditions, the veterans with a good credit can qualify for the lower rate (typically 8.99%) with 0.25% discount for automatic payments.

And 21.8 million of veterans in the USA can also consider options from the Veterans Administration. The administration also offers personal loans for disabled veterans.