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What are Blockchain Startups?

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Blockchain industry is growing and experts expect it to grow up to $20 billion by 2024. Blockchain technology will change the world in some way and here are top Blockchain startups to consider:

  • Simple Token

Simple Token helps people to benefit from Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It helps companies to design, manage and launch their branded tokens. Managing your own token economy is easier with Simple Token.

  • Elliptic

Elliptic cooperates with law enforcement and financial institutions and shares information about the illicit bitcoin.

  • Blockstack

Speaking of the blockchain startups NYC, it’s impossible not to mention the Blockstack. This startup uses Blockchain to decentralize the Internet. With their help, it’s possible to make applications without a server. It means that users can control their own data.

If you want to know about Blockchain healthcare startups, you should start with PokiDok with a total funding of more than $48 million. Its goal lies in securing networks with patient data from EMRs to pharmacies and medical devices.

Check out information about Patientory, GEM, and GUARDTIME.

Argello, Bloom, Everex deserve your attention if you are looking for Blockchain technology startups 2018. Argello is a great service that allows people to sign contracts inside the ethereum network even without programming knowledge.