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What are Blockchain Applications?

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All Blockchain technology applications are great extensions that supply chain management. It contributes to data using and makes it faster to transfer it and saver to store it. Such information as age, gender, some of the health information (immunization history or vital signs) remains in the applications. It contributes to data sharing with stakeholders with versatile permissions.

Real estate, media, and energy – all they refer to decentralized applications: harnessing bitcoin’s Blockchain technology. People from government also use it. These entities need the recorded data to maintain information about their citizens.

For this purpose, they involve identity management. Voting and taxes can’t go along without applications of Blockchain. They all need data for filing taxes or voting forms. These are the most important part of a democratic society.

Of course, other industries deal with Blockchain potential applications: financial management and accounting, shareholder voting, record management, cybersecurity, big data, etc.

They maintain the supply chain that allows tracking the goods while shipping.