We’re quite used to the Internet and usually don’t even notice how often we use the worldwide network for our routine operations. The availability of information made it possible to learn everything online.

Managing your personal finances isn’t an exception. If you have a real interest in getting more knowledge about money management and budgeting, then the following Internet websites can come right in handy for you. We’ve collected 4 most useful and effective personal finance platforms to make your monetary goals easy-reachable.

Personal Money Service

money servicePersonal Money Service is one of the largest financial companies in the US helping to match customers with lenders in accordance with the type of their loan request and their personal data.

The service also provides necessary financial tools such as online calculators.

The company works with a range of business and personal loans as well as debt consolidation, insurances, etc. In case of urgent cash necessity, this service can become a much better alternative to traditional banks.

The website has answers to all most common financial questions about the loans and generally to all of the offered services.  Not only you can apply for these services from PersonalMoneyService, but also use the website’s online financial calculators to plan your finances for either your business loan, mortgage or life insurance.

The last but not least important thing worth mentioning is the Personal Money Service financial blog. The blog covers useful topics about money management and gives true-life recommendations on how to save money, live on a budget and many others.


kiplinger website
Photo credit: Kiplinger

Kiplinger exists for almost 100 years as publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice. Nowadays, its online version is quite successful and gathers millions of visitors each month.

Because of the variety of topics covered by this website, you can find answers to almost any financial issue you may come across in daily life. There are different subsections that divide articles by topics, such as retirement, taxes, investing, credit, debt, saving, spending, real estate/housing, cars, college, insurance, and personal business.

It’s perfect for everyone who looks for effective financial advice, whether you are a regular person or you own a business. In both cases, you will be able to expand your financial knowledge base and herewith keep yourself updated to the latest business news and market predictions.


bankrate finacial service
Photo credit: Bankrate is another useful site for consumers to get expert advice and tools that are necessary for successful financial management.

Bankrate is, by the way, one of the leading sources that publish and distribute personal finance content all over the Internet.

The site’s editorial articles are frequently released in American newspapers including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Boston Globe.

The quality of such content is indeed high and worth your attention, not to say Bankrate posts rates and other economic statistics you may be interested in. When using this website, you can be 100% sure that you will stay up-to-date with all current market trends.

The variety of topics equals to ones at Kiplinger and likewise, to Personal Money Service, Bankrate created personal finance calculators. For instance, if you know a fixed-rate loan, you can find out a number of your loan payments.


reddit finance
Photo credit: Reddit

For newcomers, Reddit might seem like a super complicated network. Nevertheless, it can be useful for people who are interested in managing their finances.

You just have to look for the data under each subreddit. If you type a personal finance subreddit, you can find out quite useful pieces of information regarding this topic. At this point, subreddits resemble a forum where real people share their own experience and knowledge.