Installment loans
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Fast loans with monthly payments are attractive and helpful when you are in need. The amount borrowed exceeds the number of payday loans and it can be returned over a longer period of time. However, the borrower should be really careful and do repayments on time if he doesn’t want to wreck his credit or pay more than it was agreed.

What are Installment Loans?

Installment loans have equal payments over a set period, they end when fully paid. There are two main types:

  • Secured loans. In case the borrower did not make timely repayment, the lender can reclaim his assets. The perfect examples are mortgages and car loans. The interest rate is lower because the lender can repossess the foreclose in home or vehicle.
  • Unsecured loans do not include assets. The examples are student loans and installment loans. The lender takes more risks when issuing this type of loan. That is why its interest rates are higher. Monthly installment loans for bad credit are one of the unsecured loans.

The amount varies as well. The most typical kind is a 500 dollar loan with monthly payments.

Installment credits differ from revolving credit, which means credit cards. In the case of revolving accounts, the payment amount is different and the end date is not set. As a rule, installment loans are the monthly payment loans.

How Do Installment Loans Affect Credit Scores?

Using installment loans with the mоnthly payments can be helpful for your credit. A mix of various kinds of debt tends to increase credit scores. Installment loans have to be a part of this healthy mix. This loan type is helpful for savvy borrowers.

Do not take too many monthly loans, use only the ones you need. A student loan, a home loan and maybe an auto loan are quite enough. Some installment loans can make your credit scores fall.

Installment loans influence payment history. If you do payments on time, it will help your credit. Yet, late repayments can damage your score badly. Losing a car or home can devastate your credit. You should ensure that all the on-time repayments are sent to the main credit reporting agencies. If they aren’t, they won’t change your credit score for better.

Best Ways to Pay Off an Installment Loan

Now let us share four strategies on how to repay a loan with monthly payments.

On-Time Payments

It is important to repay installment loans on time and not to miss a payment. If not, you will not only get extra fees from your lender but also hurt a credit score. As a rule, financial institutions that give fast cash loans with monthly payments report to credit agencies. It means you may ding your score every time you make late repayment or miss it. This, for its part, will affect your ability to take out loans and the interest rates on future loans.

Paying Off Early

If you got some money, you may think it is a good decision to repay the remainder of your installment with one lump sum. Yet, some lenders charge penalties for early payment, because they will not get their money from the interest rate. These early prepayments сan hurt your credit score, while they reduce the amount of available credit you have versus what you’re using.

If you don’t have troubles with credit rate, move on and make the early prepayment. It can help you save a considerable sum in the long run, particularly if an interest rate is high. Yet, if you worry about your credit score, weigh costs and benefits of loans online with monthly payments carefully.

Automate Bill Paying

The financial system nowadays helps us set up bills on auto-pay. Auto-pay is a service that automatically deducts your online loans with monthly payments from your account when it is due. Auto-pay can be helpful for people who forget to make payments on time. You can set up auto-pay through your bank or your own company. Don’t forget to write your payment date down. It will help you remember what day the money is taken out of your account each month.

Which Debt First?

For sure you want to repay your monthly installment loans on time. Yet, one day you will have a couple of various bills past due but have not enough money to repay them. In such a case, consider your overall financial well-being. If you have to repay both credit cards and online installment loans with monthly payments, better choose the credit card.

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How to Calculate an Installment Loan Payment

Calculating loans for bad credit with monthly payments is very important. There are three main ways to calculate the installment loan payment. You can use online calculators, a spreadsheet program (for example, Excel), or do it by hand. Doing it by hand or with the help of Excel needs many calculations and a lot of time. Online calculators are much more convenient.

Online Calculators

  • Find an Installment Loan Payment Calculator on Google, Bing or another search engine;
  • Locate the required information and enter it;
  • Locate the result.

Should You Take out an Installment Loan to Build Credit?

As a rule, it is not wise to take out bad credit loans monthly payments to improve credit. Yet, there is one exception: credit-builder loans. They were created in order to build credit. This loan type can help people with no or thin credit to build their credit profile. In case of approval, the cash is deposited in a certificate or savings account. Yet, money is not released until you repay a loan in full.

On time payments assist in building a good history and by the time you repay the loan, you will have an emergency fund. If you do not repay it on time, it hurts your report.

Installment loans can be the best financial solution. They have reliable interest rates, predictable and low monthly payments, longer terms and getting money fast. You have to use them wisely: pay attention to all the terms before signing a contract, calculate payments and make them on time.