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A lot of people make planes before Valentine’s Day. The majority does it to appreciate their beloved ones. Others try to use this opportunity to find their true love. A few simply want to grab as many chocolates as they can.

But what exactly makes people spend thousands of dollars during Valentine’s Day? Is it possible to buy something precious for your other half without spending too much? Let’s find out!

Present Statistics

It’s not a secret that people throw away a lot of money to buy a gift. Things get even worse in February. To be exact, Americans spend nearly $20 billion to get something for Valentine’s Day. No wonder prices go up right before this holiday.

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Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to spend a fortune. The study shows that about 1/4 of men buy presents simply because they try to impress their girlfriends. Some men want to start a relationship in the first place and use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to do it.

The majority of women states that they celebrate this holiday simply because everyone else does. A few girls admit buying presents for themselves. Which is not a bad thing, after all, ladies love sweets! At the same time, a lot of women often get something for their parents and friends.

Difference in Gifts

Usually, people get expensive stuff if they’ve been in a relationship not for too long. However, the older we get, the less we feel obliged to buy something impressive. It’s not about fading love. This happens because serious couples do not need a certain day of the year to get something for each other. The survey proves this statement. On average men spend about $150 when it comes to girlfriends and only $130 to buy presents for their wives.

Additionally, couples that have been together for about a year often come up with plans. Valentine’s Day is a big occasion for these lovebirds. Often they start coming up with gift ideas a month ahead! At the same time, married couples rarely overburden each other with plans and preparations.

Tricky Money Question

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But do not be gloomy because your significant other is not willing to spend a lot of cash to buy you a present. In fact, it’s a smart thing to do in February. All flower prices spike right before the 14th of February and there is no running away from it.

Sadly, sellers and distributors cannot miss the chance to increase their income. Roses, cards, chocolates and all precious little things get a lot more expensive because they are in demand. And people are ready to pay the double!

It all happens because modern entrepreneurs tried to come up with yet another way of making a profit. One of the most significant figures in this process was Richard Cadbury, a chocolate-maker who decided to sell his sweet goods in heart-shaped boxes right before Valentine’s Day.

Another person who left her mark in history was Esther Howland. She designed first cards that carried love messages within them. While it was unusual for a woman to run a business, people fell in love with her creations and were happy to part with their earnings to buy one.

As you can see, Valentine’s day is more than just a holiday for couples, it’s also a creation of sly marketers. However, it’s up to whether to support this romantic movement or not.