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What’s a VA Home Loans CEO?

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In case you’ve been pre-qualified for the VA home loan, you’ll need COE – a Certificate of Eligibility. The document proves the borrower is eligible for a VA-backed mortgage, describing the evidence, which has been submitted by the loan applicant

Lots of loan providers offer the service of getting the COE to their clients through the ACE system (Automated Certificate of Eligibility). However, the internet-based application works well for the individuals the VA has enough information about.

You can also apply online yourself and get the Certificate almost instantly.

The other ways to get COE is to submit a completed VA Form 26-1880, which can be got in any VA local center or download it from the VA’s website.

Application by mail is also possible with the above-mentioned form.

Surviving Spouses can apply by mail as well but should use VA Form 26-1817.

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