debit card tips

Summer is a perfect time to plan your trip. But when it comes to money, you think of enormous fees you will need to pay with your credit card. Chill, Personal Money Service has a solution!

Do you remember everyone around saying that traveling without credit cards is impossible? Well, it is your time to prove them wrong, as it is so possible. As a matter of fact, what planet are your friends from because unless you have traveled in time back to the 1990’s, debit cards work just as well as credit cards.

However, there are still so many myths about debit cards and traveling. Yes, you will need to jump through a five extra hoops to make rental companies agree on accepting your debit card, but why on earth should you pay a jacked-up interest rate with your credit card just because it is more convenient to them. This is your money and your budget. Be the Boss of your finance.

So, here are a few tips that should help you traveling without credit cards. Forget about extra expense. It is time to learn how to save money with Personal Money Service. Not only we help in difficult life situations when you need assistance with choosing personal loan, but we also take care of your financial literacy. Brew a cup of tasty coffee and let’s get straight to business.

Travel Without Any Fees

  • Airlines. This is the start point of your travel. It is a perfect time to use your own money. Don’t let banks pay for something you can get yourself. Either it is an online broker or the carrier itself, just use your debit card. The feeling of not having to use bank’s money is amazing!
  • Hotels. While most of hotels will place a temporary hold on your account for the amount of the bill to cover “incidentals”, you are able to book a hotel with a debit card. Just a friendly advice: if you are thinking to invite crazy friends to come over, don’t, if you feel like not getting charged for the incidentals. Tip: Ensure you know how much money is available on your account before the travel begins. If you need to make sure you have this “incidentals” money on your account, you may check loans for short term online.
  • Car Rental. You can’t even imagine how many people think that they can’t rent a car with their debit card. This is absolutely not true. Anyways, expect car rental services to put from $100 to $500 on hold on your account. But do not pretend to be another Michael Schumacher driving in your old Crown Victoria. So, go ahead and see if this is just another credit card myth.
  • International Travel. If you are planning to go overseas, then it will be hard to avoid additional fees. It depends on where you bank. Before you go anywhere, visit your bank to find out their policies, as many banks charge small fees for each transaction. Get a detailed information.

The main thing here is to plan ahead. Sure, you might go on a spontaneous trip, but extra knowledge never hurt. Your finance will be just fine as long as you follow these pieces of advice.

The funny thing is that such rumors are spread by people who have never even tried using their debit card when they decide to travel. They simply think that this is impossible. Do not be one of those people. You need to take care of your personal finance.

Have a great trip on a budget!