travel on budgetThe holiday season is just a perfect time for traveling with your beloved!

However, many people can say that traveling is a luxury and only wealthy ones can afford it.

Fortunately, today traveling doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on tickets and hotels.

Cheap traveling options can make your traveling dreams come true.

It’s possible to find various frugal transportation and accommodation offers, you just need to know the right places where to look for it.

In one of our previous articles we already told how to save money on airline tickets, so let’s continue figuring out how to see the world without breaking the bank!

Read the following guide and learn how to visit your dream places around the world on a budget.

Transportation Costs

It’s a great bonus that today you can find all necessary and appropriate options on the Internet. Plan your trip carefully and remember, the earlier you start getting ready for your trip is the better because in a rush you can overspend a lot of money. However, if your trip is spontaneous, you can always check how to fill out a loan application  at

Choose budget airlines, as they offer all the most popular destinations as more expensive airline companies do, but for lower price.

For train traveling in Europe you should try Eurail or Interrail for non-EU and EU citizens respectively. You may also benefit from special websites connecting fellow travelers. There you can find those traveling by car in the same destination as you, so you can share the transport costs and get acquainted with new people.

Accommodation Costs

This point also requires you to make a research. Check all appropriate offers and make a booking. If you have a tight budget, you may consider hostels because they perfectly suit for frugal travelers.

When looking for a place where to stay, pay attention to such sites like HospitalityClub and Airbnb. First one connects people offering free accommodation abroad with travelers and the second one helps to find affordable options for renting houses and apartments in more than 190 counties worldwide.

If you have friends abroad, contact them to ask if you can stay at their place, but don’t overstay your welcome. Be a good guest: always keep your area clean and don’t make a noise. Make some gifts to show your gratitude.


budget entertainmentYou should know that there are many free and cheap tours you can visit to learn about famous places and history. Find the information about them online and plan your day according to available options.

Depending on your budget, you can rent a car or use a public transport. Don’t be afraid to communicate with local people, as they can tell you many interesting things and show you great places!

Almost any city has a special tourist info center providing information about local entertainment programs.

Also, most museums and galleries offer special free hours or even free days for visitors.

Eating Out and Local Cuisine

Being abroad and eating regular fast food is wrong, so you should try local food even if you’re on a budget! Once again, make a research in front and check places offering local food with a loyal price policy. Local people can always give you an advice where to go, so don’t hesitate to ask! But if you still decide to go for this kind of eating, read our article on how to save money on fast food.

Try to plan your menu and think how much eating out you can afford. For example, you can cook yourself breakfasts and dinners and go out every night to eat out somewhere.

Set a special budget for souvenirs, they may seem cheap but if you buy a small thing for every friend or relative, it can add up a significant amount of money. Always keep your camera with you to make pictures because great memories are truly priceless!


One of the best tips to make your trip more affordable is planning it ahead. Today you can make all the necessary preparations through the Internet, look for appropriate options and book them. So, don’t waste your time and money, start getting ready right now!