happy mothers day
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Holidays often come bringing expenses to our life. If not prepared in advance, the gifts can cost you quite a lot, some people even have to take small personal loans online to make their friends and family happy during the holidays.

Mother’s Day is coming, keep in mind that there are quite a lot of ways to make your mother feel special this day and you do not necessarily need to break a bank.

Find some ideas below, which will cost you a trifle or will be completely free of charge.

Bring Breakfast to Bed

This idea is not new, but has been working for decades for good reason. Waking up your Mom in such a way, you show her how much she means to you, and the best part is that she did not have to make breakfast herself. Your Mother is sure to be touched.

Cook Together

In case you are going to celebrate at home, cooking lunch or dinner together is an enjoyable way to spend the holiday. You may ask Mom to choose the menu and prepare a special meal together. Your mother will appreciate the gesture if you plan everything properly.

Spend Time Together in the Garden

Giving flowers is a tradition on this day, change the pattern, and spend time together gardening. Present some seeds to mother so that the flowers may make her happy the whole season. Besides, it’s a precious shared experience.

Arrange a Spa Day for Her, Do the Housework Yourself

Every Mom needs some rest and relax, check Groupon or Living Social for special offers on spa packages. Spend some time working about the house while mother is out, so that she can check several items off her to do list and have even more rest on coming back from spa.

Learn Together

You can frequently find various coupons for classes on daily deals websites. Check them for Mother’s Day specials, there may be offered various cooking or handmade classes, which may create a memorable holiday for your mother, being one of smart financial steps for you as well.

Go Picnicking

In case spring weather favors you this day, take your Mother for a surprise picnic, and enjoy the whole day outdoor sun, put a large blanket somewhere on a lawn. Check in a little advance what you have in the kitchen to take with you and make sure her favorite beverage is also prepared. Taking care of all the preparations is a gift itself.

Making Photos

If you are an adult and have children already ensure you provide your Mother with the most recent photos of you and your family, better with her as well. Frame a photo for her or arrange some new ones in an album together.

Host a Game Night

Arrange a game night with your family on Mother’s Day. Take a great variety of games, her favorite snacks and drinks and a good mood. You can even make your own trivia game with fun facts about Mom or your family!

Take a Walk

To avoid any spending at all take a walk or a hike with Mom, put away your phones and just speak to each other. Treat yourself with some tasty dessert afterward, it will cost you not more than 10$.

Have a nice time on Mother’s Day this year!