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The authorities of Victorville are concerned about the potential negative effects of low-income in the city and minority areas, and the City Council chose to prolong for half a year an in-play moratorium on giving way to certain permits to the businesses providing money services.

The previous 45-day moratorium was accepted in late June due to the desire of city to fully estimate the potential risks to Victorville’s most defenseless residents caused by the heavy concentration of such establishments.

As Andre de Bortnowsky the City Attorney, states in his report, the city has noticed that residents were prevented from impulsive unsecured money borrowing by limiting the availability of such services and their zoning.


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The above-mentioned businesses include car title loan-style, check-cashing, and payday loan establishments, providing various kinds of loans to consumers. The moratorium does not influence such establishments as federally charted banks, companies specialized in industrial loans, credit unions, or savings associations.

As usual, there are those who support the six-month extension – mostly the city staff looking at it as at the necessary measure of preserving the public peace, health or safety, there are those who oppose it, like California Consumer Finance Association.

Natasha Fooman, CCFA President, sent a letter Jim Cox the Mayor and other council members, states that a short-term loan often may be the best choice compared to the often higher costs of bouncing a check, paying overdraft protection fees or incurring late payment penalties.

Fooman considers the industry to be already heavily and enough regulated at both the state and federal levels and thinks the moratorium makes Victorville “not a business-friendly city.”