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Privacy Policy

You acknowledge that you’ve read the Privacy Policy of our service and have no objections to our rules. As a lender connecting website, we will use your information to find a suitable lender and improve your chances of getting a loan. Be sure to abstain from sharing your non-public data with third parties. You can do it if you do not check necessary box in the application form. The website neither guarantees a loan match, nor a loan amount. Some lenders may perform credit checks through specialized credit bureaus.

Submitting the application form on the website you may agree to receive recurring communications from the site, its third-party marketers, affiliates, and/or lenders, either by phone, autodialer, or SMS, text messages, prerecorded messages. You understand that your permission to receive recurring communications is not an obligatory requirement for using the services performed on the website. Your permission can be revoked at any time.

Privacy Disclaimer

Our service does everything possible to protect your personal information. Nonetheless, to continue staying on our website, you automatically agree that we are not responsible if you get advertisements or notifications from lenders and other third parties that are connected to our activity. By using our loan connecting assistance, you give your permission to share your information with loan providing companies. Naturally, our service has no power over their use of your information. The information provided by a consumer in the application form will be shared with one or more lenders.

To prevent spam and unnecessary contacts, be sure to use a separate email for business contact only. Additionally, it is recommended not to use your company phone as third parties potentially can send messages that do not comply with our policy. Also, be sure not to list your private or family @mail and avoid any information that can be abused by third parties.


It is possible that the company may add certain details and make changes to its privacy policy and terms of use. In the case of these additions, you can continue using our website which will serve as a proof that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions. Thus, the service recommends you to check this policy from time to time to be aware of the current agreement.


The company constantly tries to update its website and existing policy. However, there is a possibility that it may take a while to keep the information accurate. This is why the service disclaims any liability for the correctness of the data you may find on our website.


The service and all parties that participated in the creation of the website do not make any warranties. Everything you may find on the website includes all implied warranties and guarantees.


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Neither third party, nor the Company is responsible for incidental or underactive damage that may be caused by your use of the website. The service will no incur any liabilities in case of potential losses, damage etc.


The Service does everything possible to guarantee the security of the website and protect user data. However, the Company cannot guarantee that unauthorized changes and access will never take place. While the Company will try to maintain the functionality of the website and prevent possible attacks, it is not responsible for any unauthorized changes that may alter the content of the website.

Use of Data

Any material submitted on the website through electronic sources e.g. information, data, opinions, suggestions, inquiries will be treated a non-confidential data. This unsolicited information may be reproduced, disclosed, transmitted, publicized, broadcasted, distributed and posted by the service, third parties or affiliated companies. The Company has a right to use any idea, technique or concept presented in unsolicited materials you submit on the website.

Use of Images

All images presented on the website are used with the permission of the Company. Any unauthorized use of the media files displayed on the website can violate copyright, trademark, privacy and publicity laws and is prohibited by the service.

Use of Infographics

The Company strictly prohibits unauthorized use or duplication of infographics distributed on the website without permission of PersonalMoneyService official or the original author. The material can be provided only if full credit is given to The Company and direction to the original content on PersonalMoneyService.com is mentioned. Any reproduction or redistribution of the original content including infographics. The Company will not accept any liability that may arise directly or indirectly from the use of the infographics distributed on the website.


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The Company is not responsible for the content of the websites linked here. Furthermore, it is also not responsible for any resources, websites or directories that may line to the website of the company. All visitors may follow these links at their own risk.

Deals and Advertisements

Any contacts with advertisers found on the website, that may include money transactions, deliveries, use of services and goods are your own business. The Company is not responsible for any potential loss, damages or inaccuracies connected with these deals despite the presence of aforementioned advertisers on the website.

Use of Materials

All visitors of the website agree not to monitor and copy the material represented without written permission of the Company. Any use of devices or programs meant to interfere with the website’s work is strictly prohibited. It is also not allowed to copy, reproduce, modify or alter materials displayed on the website.

Governing Law

Aforementioned terms and conditions are listed in accordance with internal Laws of California. Thus, this agreement may be used against any party in the court. By continuing the use of the website you agree to these terms and conditions.

Scholarship Disclaimer

The Company warns all applicants that if they fail to respond to scholarship offer within 14 days, the offer may be withdrawn. All applicants have to comply with the rules mentioned in the scholarship offer email and be eligible to withdraw the payment. The number of installments, as well as the total value of the scholarship, will be mentioned in the official offer email. The funds will be transferred to the applicant’s bank account unless a different method is agreed upon in advance.

The Company reserve the right to withdraw the scholarship offer if payment process is impossible. All applicants have to meet eligibility criteria for each particular scholarship.