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Temporary Health Insurance Plans

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Temporary health insurance plans are good for those, who can’t afford a simple one. Some packages are unaffordable and short-term coverage is the best solution. It’s not the kind of long-lasting insurance – it can last either for 30 days or for one year. The client has a right to fix the period independently according to the personal needs and the state of the health of every applicant.

Also, check term life life insurance.

The advantages of this option depend on the specific terms of every single insurance company. That’s why it’s important to ask for the whole list of services beforehand. Unfortunately, temporary health insurance plans aren’t considered to be the best solution but assuming the fact that more qualified plans are unreachable, it’s not the worst variant.

So, the main advantage of the temporary coverage package is the price – it’s considered to be economical. You can save up to 50% if you apply for this option.

Some of the lenders, who work with Personal Money Service, provide temporary health insurance. Therefore, if you need it, fulfill the application form and wait till our operators will contact you. After you get the contacts of the potential lender, you can fix all the terms and ask for specific details.