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What does Temporary Car Insurance Mean?

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Temporary car insurance USA is a type of the short-term car insurance that is purchased for some period to insure your own, rental, or borrowed car.

The real period of the short term car insurance differs from company to company. You can face tempting offers on the websites of insurance companies. Still, all of the reliable (and even not reliable) insurance companies won’t provide you with short term car insurance for less than 6 months. One-day, one-week, one-month short-term coverage is almost impossible. Such reputable insurance companies as State Farm, GEICO, and Allstate, and others confirmed it.

Not every person needs temporary car insurance. There are a couple of the common cases when you truly need it:

  1. A different driver operates your car.
  2. You place your car into storage.
  3. You buy new or used vehicle (to check out how it operates).

In order to choose the best short-term insurance, you should compare at least three plans from different insurance companies. You should ensure that you compare the plans of the same limits, duration, and coverage type.

To get short-term car insurance you are required to:

  1. Be a licensed motorist.
  2. Provide the vehicle identification number of the car.
  3. Answer common questions about your driving history and location.

So, before applying for temporary car insurance online, ensure that you truly need it.