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Tax Benefits When You Buy a House

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Purchasing a home can bring you really good benefits in paying taxes. Keep in mind that now you need to feature your tax-deductible expenses in Form 1040 and Schedule A. There are the following possibilities:

  • The interest you pay towards covering a mortgage is deductible. In case the loan amount is more than $1 million, your deductible interest will be limited.
  • If you use the equity in the first home to buy a second one, this equity debt is also deductible.
  • If you pay points to make your interest rate better, you should search for more detailed information to get a full deduction of these points.
  • Property taxes can also be deducted. These taxes go into an escrow account for payment once a year. You should include this amount and loan interest information on the annual statement received from a lender to get an annual deduction.

Do not forget that you can have some other deductible options, so you should better look for extra information depending on your particular situation.

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