best ideas for being frugal
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Most of us believe in the power of a habit. If you do something, again and again, you get used to it and after you think that it’s the only way for doing something. That easily can happen in your financial life. You may think that what you do concerning your money is normal but indeed, it isn’t.

People like comparing themselves to each other. “If my friends do that, then it must be okay” – this phrase you can hear quite often. But it’s time to change your mind and review financial steps you make! Something you may be doing seems normal but indeed it can be much better! Check if you’re thinking like this and what you can change in your financial routine.

You may think that it’s normal when:

1.  You Don’t Get Rewards for Your Purchases

Indeed: Today there’s a big competition on the market and retailers often return their customers 1-20% of the purchase. Thus, you can choose an online store you like which works with many retailers and get to know about the reward program. It’s absolutely free and can save you good money! Who knows, maybe you will be able to save 1 million for retirement.

2. You Don’t Check Insurance Rates

Indeed: Whatever you buy, shopping around is always a good idea. Moreover, you buy insurance every year so before buying it’s better to check the market for the better rates. Don’t be sure that you get the best rates, check it and maybe you’ll find a better and cheaper option. Learn how to choose the health insurance plan.

3. You Pay Bills Without Negotiating It

Indeed: What to do if you can’t pay your bills? Some consumers get online unsecured loans to cover expenses and it works for them. But pay attention to the opportunity to negotiate your bills! For example, there is a company called BillCutterz and they negotiate consumers’ bills with the providers. As a revenue, they get half of the money they have saved for you.

4. You Like Brand Clothes and Pay Full Price

Indeed: Many people like brand and designer clothing. What to do if your income is not enough to cover your wants? Pay attention to special discount sites like Bluefly, Rue La La, theOutnet and outlets which specialize in selling designer clothing with discounts up to 70-80%.

5. You Throw Away Something You Don’t Need

Indeed: But why can’t you sell what you don’t need? You never know what people are looking for on sites like eBay. Something you don’t need any more can be very helpful to others and can bring you some extra money so stop throwing things away!

6. You Waste Energy

Indeed: Today everybody likes talking about how cool being green is but not so many of them actually save energy. Being green is cool because shows your attitude to nature and its resources and at the same time, it allows you to save money! It’s great doing both these things together, so start closing water while cleaning teeth already today!

7. You Spend Money for a Gym Membership

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Indeed: It’s really okay if you spend money to go to the gym but do you really go there? Some people just throw the money away and miss visits to the gym for different reasons. Check local colleges, at some you can get really cheap access to the gym. Also, pay attention to free outdoor activities, for example, jogging and riding a bicycle which is absolutely free.

8. You Only Buy New Things

Indeed: There’s nothing wrong in using used stuff. Moreover, not taking advantage of it is not right. Why should you spend more when you can easily save money on purchasing used? Ask your friends and relatives and you’ll be surprised how many of them buy used things.