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One of the biggest providers of financial news and data SNL Financial has recently presented the new rating of top American banks. Recent financial news says that that the US economy has finally recovered after the Great recession of 2008 and got back to its old state. How did it affect American banking industry? Which big banks saved their positions and which one faced some negative changes? Continue reading to be aware of the latest financial news.

Big Banks Keep Their Places

There banks called “too big to fail”. Every quarter we can see them on top of the list and as for this time, nothing has changed. First four places of the rating still belong to J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Bank of America Corporation.

SNL Financial has presented the new rating of the biggest financial institutions in the US. Thus, we can see that this time U.S. Bancorp has taken 5th place which earlier belonged to NY Mellon Corporation. Within last quarter things where better for NY Mellon Corp. but in this complicated competition between the biggest financial institutions only the strongest and the most stable ones can save their positions.

It’s worth paying attention that first four positions are taken by real giants and no other American bank can move them from there. Having a completion with such big banks like, for example Bank of America, is hard because to get bank like this it’s necessary to add up together 5 other banks taking 5,6,7,8, 9 places of the rating made by SNL Financial. Pay attention to the spreadsheet to see the total rating.

No Significant Changes within Last Quarter

There are banks and financial institutions not included in the list. For example, banks with less than 30% deposit ratio, industrial financial institutions and companies providing bad credit online loans.

Whether it’s good or bad but the new rating doesn’t contain any big and impressive changes. As for first top twenty banks the only change is that position taken by M&T Bank has rose and now the bank is number 17 on the list. SNL offered credit to BB&T Corporation obtaining of Susquehanna Bancshares Inc., advertised in October. But that help wasn’t enough for BB&T. One of the biggest American banks was facing significant monetary crisis and couldn’t replace TD Bank from its position number twelve.

Also, the credit was given to M&T Bank which was also experiencing financial difficulties. That arrangement was affirmed in 2012 and has been stalled by controllers from that point onward. Two banks on Tuesday again pushed back their due date to finish the arrangement, setting another date in April of this year.

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Nobody can foresee the future and predict the next rating. But more likely big banks will keep their positions while the rest of the list will change. It’s also possible that new banks will appear the SNL rating. This year there was the only one new bank on the list and it fairly received its place because it has reached an impressive success in rising assets.

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