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Signature loans are often called “e-signature loans” because a borrower is only required to put the online signature, thus giving a promise to pay the loan off. A signature loan may be used for various purposes and gives a chance to receive quick help when you need money desperately.

Although some companies claim the opportunity to get signature loans no credit check, every lender and finance-related service provider performs at least a soft check. Such type of loans are unsecured, therefore they are high- risk for lenders.

Why signature loans online are so widespread these days?
What should you know before you apply?

What Do Online Signature Loans Mean?

More and more borrowers are searching for “signature loans near me”. But what makes this lending option different from other loans? Can people qualify for signature loans for bad credit?

Let’s start with the basics.

Signature loan definition says that it is the type of an unsecured personal loan that doesn’t demand any collateral. It can be given to the borrower who provided the signature as a promise to repay the debt on time.


However, you also need to have a steady source of income and a good credit history to prove that you are a reliable borrower and will be able to return the money in full.

Bad credit signature loans have become extremely popular over the last few years due to the growing number of online lending companies. Such companies and loan-matching services require minimum personal information and have a fast and secure application process. Thus, many borrowers tend to apply for the so-called ‘guaranteed signature loans for bad credit’ from such services to receive the necessary money without any need to go outside and waste their time in the long queues.

How to Get Signature Loans with Poor Credit?

It is really easy and fast to apply for electronic signature loans. However, you need to be aware of the fact that every finance-related service provider and loan issuer will perform a soft credit check to see if you meet the requirements.

You may also consider the online signature loan calculator to check how much you will be able to take out together with interest rates and fees.

The application process is easy and secure. As we’ve mentioned above, signature loans are unsecured loans without collateral. In other words, it is faster to get this type of loan compared to other options from traditional lending institutions.

The borrower must:

  • be over 18 years of age
  • be a citizen or a resident of the USA
  • have a valid bank account (either a checking or a savings one)
  • provide proof of a steady source of income as potential lenders need to be sure that you will be able to pay the debt off.

Having a regular job (or an alternative income source) is the minimum requirement of unsecured signature loans bad credit in comparison with other types of borrowing.

How Much Can I Borrow with Personal Signature Loans?

Depending on the direct lender, your local bank or any other lending institution you are applying to, you may be qualified for a different personal signature loan amount.

Bad credit signature loans direct lenders can provide from $400 to $40,000 or more depending on your credit history and the amount you need to get to cover your expenses. Also, signature loan rates differ from lender to lender. So, it always pays to shop around and look for the best deal.

When Should You Apply to Signature Loan Company?

Generally, instant signature loans may be more expensive than regular personal loans. It all depends on your credit history and the interest rates you will be offered. Don’t rush to make any decisions or sign any contracts until you fully understand the loan terms and conditions. Realize if this is the best chance for you to cover your temporary expenses.

According to the recent survey by the Federal Reserve, only 40% of U.S. citizens have savings that are enough to cover unexpected expenses of $400 and more.

There are multiple reasons for borrowers to choose this loan type. For instance, signature loan lenders can give out money for debt consolidation, paying urgent medical bills, home improvements, expensive purchases or funding your vacation. Some people also use this loan for financing their wedding expenses.

How to Take Advantage of Signature Loans?

Now that you know how to get a signature loan, keep in mind that in spite of higher interest rates and possible extra fees, these loans also have many benefits:

  • No collateral. This is probably the best benefit of these loans as you don’t risk losing any property. It’s enough to put your electronic signature in order to receive a loan.
  • A bigger amount of money. If common payday loans or credit cards don’t offer you the amount you need to cover your urgent expenses, applying for signature loans can solve any issue as you will be given bigger sums of money.
  • More affordable payments. The payments here are similar to installment loans with monthly payments. The borrower pays the debt off in regular fixed payments over the set period of time.
  • Quick approval. As this loan type doesn’t need any additional documents and paperwork, it takes minimum time to process the loan. The two major factors are your credit history and credit score.

Here is how a signature loan works. Pay attention to the details and the loan terms before you sign the contract. Take some time to search for the best lending solution.