You may be planning your budget and expenses ahead as much as possible but you never know when unexpected financial problem will arise. It can be a medical bill you have to pay off urgently or a need to make an important purchase which can’t wait till your pay day. Such situations often make people vulnerable, especially when they don’t have any emergency savings and it’s not comfortable to ask friends or relatives for help. Fortunately, today we have such products as short term loans and personal loans presented on a lending market. Both are intended for personal needs but when it comes to financial emergency – what choice is it better to make? Continue reading!

Online Short-Term Loans

Why a Short-Term Loan?

If you’re facing an unexpected financial problem requiring fast solution, then consider taking out a short term loan at Personal Money Service. It’s one the quickest ways to financial assistance! Many people prefer this option as they do not like borrow money for a long period of time. Think what suits you the best.

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Personal Loans

Why a Personal Loan?

Personal loans and short term loans have many common features. Just pay attention on the name of these credit products – they are called so because you can use them for any needs. Whether you have a financial emergency or money problem which can take more time to solve, you can use personal loans.

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It is a perfect fit if:

If you try to avoid long term financial commitments, such online loan is an ideal choice: you quickly get the money for your needs and then repay as soon as you get your next paycheck. Short term loans are called so because they aren’t intended for a long term use. For instance, you need to pay for a car repair, but your salary has not arrived yet. This may be a perfect solution – getting money quickly online but only for a limited term. Use this method only if you are sure that you can pay back on time without any delays.

It is a perfect fit if:

Some lenders provide personal loans to consumers with relatively high credit scores only, but also there are those who deal with people with less than perfect credit. Our company works with lenders providing financial assistance for people with all credit scores, so if you have a damaged or low credit, you still can take an advantage from our quality service. Personal loans for people with bad credit allow dealing with financial problems easily and with no hassle.


First of all, you benefit from quick approval. Fill out your loan application today and you’ll be approved in one hour. You’ll get the money as soon as the next day, so you can quickly deal with any financial difficulties. The second advantage of short term loans is that there are simple requirements you can easily meet. To get one, you should be at least 18 years old, be the US citizen and have a steady income. Also, you have to be able to provide the number of your bank account because once your loan application is approved, your lender will transfer the money over there.


You don’t have to go the physical office – just fill out the loan application on the website, get your personal loan approved and the lender will put the money on your banking account already the next day or even the same day depending on a time you filled out your application.They may have longer repayment terms, and through them you can borrow bigger amounts of money than through short term loans.


It’s important to keep in mind that both types of lending products are unsecured and that means that they may have quite high interest rates. However, you put nothing as collateral so the lender takes all risks by providing the money.

Both personal and short term loans have numerous benefits. Choose short term loans when you need fast financial help and ready to repay your loan quickly. If you need a longer term and more money, than you can get a short-term loan, consider personal loans and keep in mind that even if your credit is far from perfect, you still can get the money for any needs any time.