how to save cash during summer?
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Summer prepares tempting opportunities and vacations for everyone – starting with moms and ending with the CEO of some IT company. The sad news is that everything requires money. The good news is that it’s still possible to save money for summer entertainment!

After scanning multiple articles dedicated to saving money and recommendations from financial experts, we are ready to present 10 practical saving tips you can use this June. Start your saving marathon right now and prepare a substantial financial basis for your unbelievable summer journey!

Save on Utility Costs

Summer is a perfect time to save on utility costs as, basically, heat, gas and light consumption is reduced. Long daytime and time outdoors allow us to turn on the light not as often. Nevertheless, Jeff Yeager, the Host of “The Cheap Life” claims that people tend to mindless light consumption. They often leave the light turned on in the whole house even in the summer. Therefore, turn off the light each time you walk out of the room and give preference to the saving bulbs.

30% of your air conditioning expenses might be saved if you shade your air conditioning unit, keep your filters clean, set up the programmable thermostats, and fix the AC ductwork. Also, find more valuable energy saving tips here.

Go Green

Selling or swapping the plants and fruit in the summer is a profitable business and a substantial additional source of income. You still have time to plant some vegetables or berries or exchange seeds with other gardeners. It’s also possible to exchange seeds and plants online! Visit for additional information.

Some Hints for Grads

For everyone, who has a student debt – force yourself not to apply for extra loans and avoid impulsive shopping. Try to treat your money wisely and prepare a financial basis for your academic period. Start saving – try to save a couple of dollars every day to use them when the college begins.

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Another Approach to Wedding Gifts

For everyone, who was invited to the wedding in June – forget about costly wedding gifts. Think about the skills you can use to transform something special into a wedding gift. Creative people can help in decorating the place where the ceremony will take part in. Photographers can provide the honeymooners with quality and outstanding wedding photos. If you keen on cooking, you can offer your aid and cook cupcakes or a wedding cake! This way you not only save your money but also help the newlyweds. Besides, you can always recommend them reading our wedding tips that save lots of money.

Father’s Day Hot Deals

June the 21’s is a Father’s Day this year. Most of the restaurants (such as Shoney’s, TCBY or Spaghetti Warehouse) try to repeat a real selling boom on Mother’s Day offering hot deals on this day. Thus, saving on the gift turns into a yam-yam present for the meat-eaters. By the way, here you can get 20 personalized ideas for your Father’s Day gift.

Look for Coupons and Sales

You may prepare presents for a World Environment Day, a World Friends Day, a Father’s Day, or a World Public Knitting Day – whatever. A good present is a present that fits the hobbies of your family member, friend, teacher, crush, or pet. Therefore, find something suitable on Birchbox, Ipsy, Love Club, Umba Box, and Art in Box for somebody, who is turned on beauty, for handmade lovers, and for everybody else. Every source is full of brilliant ideas for the presents. Look for the coupons, which are offered right before a holiday.

Don’t Forget about Fish

It’s amazing if your state supports a free fishing day or even a week. Such an available and tasty food is a good fit for a healthy and cheap dinner! Plus, you can always freeze as much fish as you want. Once free fish days are over, start eating less fish. Draw your attention to the vegetables, fruit, and berries from your garden! Even if you didn’t plant any, these products are really affordable in summer!

Start Your Vacation

June is, probably, the least popular summer month for vacations. Prices start getting higher in July and get lower in September. Why don’t you start your vacation in June? The temperature is pleasant so far, a light breeze fondles the face, and money in your pocket allows you to forget about the financial problems. Also, if you choose to travel in June, make sure you know how to travel without your credit card.

The last tip for pet lovers – adopting pets in June is cheaper due to discounts and free vaccinations and sterilization on the Cat Month.