starbucks money saving tips
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If you are one of those coffee lovers who can’t spend a day without a tasty cup of coffee, then this article is for you!

Starbucks is famous for its different flavors of coffee. During summer customer prefer iced-caramel macchiato or passion tea lemonade. When it is winter, a basic coffee with cream would satisfy almost anyone. But as much as it is nice to enjoy these drinks, you know that your coffee and tea drinking habits can make you broke. Personal Money Service is not saying that you have to use quick loans to afford coffee. We simply want to teach you 18 money-saving tips for Starbucks.

Tip #1

Close your eyes and imagine a great variety of Starbucks yummy treats? Now, wake up. Never step in this place unless your belly is 100% full. Yes, those treats do taste like a piece of heaven, but they are also extremely expensive.

Tip #2

Latte is more expensive and has more fat than blended iced Americano.

Tip #3

Use their free Wifi spot to do the downloading.

Tip #4

You come to drink coffee, not water, right? So, kindly ask the barista to go light on the ice.

Tip #5

This is possibly the most important tip. You can make your own coffee at home. You want it to be Starbucks, well let it be! It might not be as fancy as at their coffee shop, but you can achieve some really good results with a little practice.

Tip #6

Have you noticed how sometimes you can’t finish that huge cup of the drink? Be smarter next time. Offer your friend to split one drink. This way you save 50%!

Tip #7

Do you have a dog? Even if you don’t, you can use this tip. Have you heard of Puppiccinos? Dogs get free whipped cream. While it is really questionable whether it is healthy food for dogs, you could use the cream to top your drink.

Tip #8

Order short-sized drinks to save a little. Most people go greedy on drinks. And then they don’t notice how they become addicted to coffee, that borrowing money becomes a usual thing for them. It all begins with little things, so be a responsible consumer. It is always easy to blame lenders when payday loans are OK for consumers after all. Well, you get the point!

Tip #9

To get a Gold level upgrade, you will only need to use your rewards card 30 times per 1 year. This will give you a benefit of a free drink or food reward every twelve purchases, plus don’t forget about coupons and other rewards.

Tip #10

Sign up for the Starbucks reward program and you will be able to claim your free birthday drink!

Tip #11

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Baristas water iced tea down as they prepare it, but you should ask to be full strength.

Tip #12

You definitely attend this place with a large group of people sometimes. They can be your friends, colleges or classmates. Order in bulk and use the coffee press.

Tip #13

Luckily, Starbucks is always happy to provide you with water. So, why paying, when you can simply ask for tripled filtered water instead?

Tip #14

If you are still thirsty after finishing up a cup of coffee, just ask for a refill that will cost you as low as 50 cents.

Tip #15

Your re-usable mug will give you 10 cents discount.

Tip #16

This one is funny, but it is true. Let’s say you’ve forgotten your reusable mug. Just bring their competitors mug. Not only they will replace it with their mug free of charge, but they will also give you a discount! They do value their clients, and they are always happy to show it.

Tip #17

For a $2 iced latte ask for a Venti cup with a triple espresso. Also, you add as much milk as you wish.

Tip #18

This one is for those who take care of their slim figure and a fat wallet. A Cafe Misto is similar to a latte but uses ½ the number of ingredients. So, you get a cheaper coffee with fewer calories.

Starbucks can be expensive. But if you use our tips, you will have a chance to enjoy your favorite drinks and spend much less.