how to save money in November
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The temperatures are dropping, but the deals in the stores are heating up! Fortunately, November comes with numerous opportunities for saving money. These saving opportunities are around us: in our home, in a local store, on a farmer’s market.

But on the other hand, holiday season is coming up and that means that you have to be a frugal shopper. Also, there comes time to analyze this year’s financial victories and defeats to be the one who always has money next year! We prepared a list of the best money saving tips for November, use it to save more!

Get Your Home and Car Ready for Winter

Don’t wait for a winter freeze to start winterizing your home and car. You can significantly lower your bills and avoid using online unsecured loans to cover them if you start making winter preparations beforehand. Here’s your approximate to-do list:

  • Sealing up drafts
  • Changing furnace filters
  • Protecting water lines
  • Turning water heater down
  • Making sure your heating system works efficiently

As for your car, check belts and hoses, make sure you have an emergency kit inside, change oil and check your antifreeze levels.

Make the Most of Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is a great holiday for all the shoppers, so take your time to make up your Black Friday plans. Remember, you can not only buy presents on the cheap, but get something useful for your home at a low price. Use these amazing phone apps to find best deals in local stores, buy everything you need and save a ton of cash! At the same time, do not forget to make a shopping list because excited by discounts, you can easily overspend and exceed your budget.

Can Fruits and Vegetables

food saving tips
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Learn how to can your food and you will not just fill your pantry, but save a ton of money! You will be able to eat healthier whole foods and save money on packaged products you normally buy. Check the Internet for helpful teaching resources and believe, there’s no need of a long time to turn a novice to a pro!

Buy Discounted Pumpkins + Eat Fall Foods

Prices on pumpkins fall immediately after Halloween. Already the next day after Halloween there’s almost no demand for them so sellers quickly cut their prices and you can take an advantage of it!

There are many ideas what to cook out of pumpkins, for example, try to make a puree or a creamy soup. Also, sweet potatoes and cranberries are available at low prices in November, so buy your fall favorites when they are cheap. Here is bonus for you: article about how to save hundreds on groceries.

Stock up on Baking Supplies

On Thanksgiving sales you can find all sorts of baking supplies! Do an inventory of your pantry and check what you’re running low on. Don’t waste a chance to restock your baking supplies. Also, November is a great time to bake at home and make your family happy with the tasty homemade bakery.

Save on Thanksgiving Dinner

Holiday of Thanksgiving is not a reason to overspend. Remember that there’s Christmas ahead and you’ll have enough of expenses. Fortunately, there are many ways to cook tasty Thanksgiving dinner without breaking the bank. Check attractive offers and deals in your local stores to save on foods and look for frugal Thanksgiving recipes.

Use Coupons

Grab all the coupons you can and use them! November is one of the best months for coupons so don’t waste your chance to save more. There are websites offering printable coupons, so check them for updates at least once a week. Buy a few copies of a newspaper where there are a lot of coupons you know you will use.