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Last month we’ve shared an article about the best money-saving tips for April. Now it is time to move forward. Have you decided to save money in May on your summer vacation? Such a brilliant idea but is it that easy to accomplish? It’s indeed possible! This article is dedicated to the ways, which allow you to save money on the summer entertainment!

The first substantial expense, which you are supposed to make in May, is a gift on the Mother’s Day. While this great day has already passed, we would like to make sure you followed all the frugal steps.

Some people consider material stuff to be a perfect gift on this day, your Mom, in fact, is looking forward to simple attention. The following saving gifts will definitely make your Mom happy on this special day! Your mom deserves all the best things this world has to offer. Here are your ways to say thank you for all she’s done!

Devote Your Day to Mom

In today’s fleeting time, a simple phone call to Mom seems to be a feat for most of the people. Therefore, devoting your whole day to your Mom, especially if hundreds of miles separate you, would be the best gift. Nevertheless, don’t spend it at home where she, obviously, feels responsible for her family. Your goal lies in ensuring the comfort and relaxation along with an enjoyable time spent with her lovely son or daughter.  It is also an option to relieve your Mom from household chores. Spend a day to clean the window, mow the grass, and bring order in the pantry.

Spending time in the spa or vice versa hiking or skydiving will bring you both unbelievable impressions. Attending different classes to occupy new skills would be exciting too. Apply for coupons, which are provided by lots of websites, and make your leisure affordable!

Purchase a Gift Subscription

Gift subscriptions are the best way to provide your Mom with goods, which she can’t afford independently. The best type of a gift subscription would be a beauty one as Moms don’t always manage to allocate time for personal care.

Birchbox and Ipsy offer beauty bags with different beauty items, which can’t be unnecessary. For handmade lovers Love Club, Umba Box and Art in Box have already prepared tempting little boxes with handmade items. Different coupons cover gift subscriptions too.

Make It Personal

A tiny part of Mom’s personality in the gift is more than cute. A simple creative postcard with your family photo and words of gratitude or her favorite carrot cake will make her day. Online resources such as Etsy offer customers jewelry with names, initials, birthstones or thumbprints.

A good option would be to use photos in your gift to remind your Mom how beautiful your family is. Photos on pillows, bowls, T-shirts are a little, but a cute gift. Make a family photo, which is identical to the one you made 10 years ago and print it out. If you need cash to make it happen, make sure to take advantage of easy to get installment loans online.

Saving Ideas in May

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If you don’t manage to save on the gifts for your Mom, you still have chances to save right before your summer vacation!

  • Before Memorial Day, you have a chance to hand over picnic supplies (such as paper plates, plastic utensils) and paper to different stores, which raise prices on it up to 50%!
  • If you net your several hundreds of dollars annually, you can reduce the interest rate of the car loan up to 3% without enlarging the loan. Why don’t you start in May?
  • May is a perfect month for different picnics and hanging out. If you want to spend time with your crush together, don’t call the babysitter – it will hit the pocket. Organize a specific group of your friends from your neighborhood, who will be ready to sit with your baby. Still, be ready to provide your free babysitting services as well.
  • Apply for a vegetable subscription. In May many farms start providing people with vegetable subscriptions, which cost less even if you shop in bulk in supermarkets. Weekly fresh vegetable supplies are available for affordable prices.
  • Don’t call the mower service after the first cut. Ask your crush to drain and replace a fuel instead. In most cases, it will solve the problem.
  • Get used to the bike ride. Firstly, it’s much healthier than using a car or public transport. Secondly, just imagine how much you save on fuel and car service.

Follow these simple saving tips and make your exciting summer vacation happen!