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We are sure – everybody will celebrate Independence Day on the 4th July! While some Americans consider this day to be extremely costly and prefer to save on the joy of celebration, others turn it into the unforgettable holiday of the independence of our beautiful country! How to do it? Stick to the following recommendations and save on food, trips, and the celebration of Independence Day in July!

How to Save on Independence Day?

Save on Food

4th of July isn’t your birthday (unless it’s truly the day of your birth). So, when you invite your family/friends to your party, that’s okay to ask them to bring something. Basically, it’s called a potluck when every guest brings some food and drinks. As a result, you have a lot of food almost for free. Everybody is pleased and you are pleased the most.

If this option isn’t suitable, then create a menu beforehand and find the available coupons. Most of the stores launch special offers before holidays and everybody gets a profitable opportunity to cook a delicious and affordable dinner. Most of the coupons you can purchase online or directly in the stores.

Furthermore, it’s better to forget about expensive alcohol such as liquor or whiskey. During hot summer days, it’s better to drink self-made lemonade, soda or beer. If you prefer some 18 years old whisky, then you apply for money here.

Save on Decorations

An American flag, balloons, paper and colored pencils lie in the pantry of every average American. Draw a jolly and patriotic poster, inflate the balloons, hang a flag, and wear blue-red-white T-shirt – it’s enough for the right atmosphere. Otherwise, apply to the dollar stores, which contain plenty of American themed stuff. It’s cheap yet perfect for a little party!


Save on Entertainment

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If you don’t want to waste money on a party, you can invite your family/friends to events dedicated to Independence Day. Such events are usually free and funny! Local festivals, shows, fairs, competitions are the typical types of entertainment in both big and small cities. A can of beer and a cheerful company won’t cost a lot!

Fireworks are the common part of the celebration. You can either attend the firework show or purchase your own. When you choose the second option, don’t apply to the small stores and look through the big ones, which often offer tempting discounts.

And keep in mind that a good company during a warm summer evening is better than any costly purchase.

How to Save in July?

July the 4th isn’t the last costly day of July – most of us are looking forward to this month to go on a vacation! Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save on the vacation and make it enjoyable.

Save on Hotels

For everybody, who hadn’t decided where to go on the vacation yet, most of the hotels launch hot deals. Such services as Groupon, Living Social, Travelocity, or Orbitz prepared last-minute offers for the hotel rooms with a wonderful view! This is the rare case when hesitation can help you to save some money for the hotel room!

Save on Gas

If you plan to go on a vacation by car, don’t overpay for gas. You can download a GasBuddy – a handy tool that shows the cheapest gas stations after you enter the ZIP Code of your destination. It’s also reasonable to invite family members/friends with you to divide the cost of the gas.

Save on Destination

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The vacation near the river or lake isn’t worse than a holiday near the sea or ocean but it’s much cheaper. It’s always possible to relax in the close contact with nature. Using tends instead of hotels is always more beneficial for your budget.

Summertime is also the best time for saving on the utility costs. Here are several things that will save your budget:

  1. Replace the gasket in your refrigerator
  2. Unplug entertainment systems at night
  3. Test your toilet to see if it uses too much water
  4. Keep a rain gauge on the front lawn

This is the tiniest list of things you can do to cut your utility costs but it really works. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more ways to save your money!