how to save in january
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There are at least two reasons why it’s highly important to know how to save money in January. First of all, for most of us December was a time of crazy spending. Needless to say that buying gifts, decorating a house, purchasing groceries adds up an impressive amount of money so January is the right time to go on a spending diet. Secondly, the beginning of the year is the perfect time for financial resolutions.

Ask yourself important money questions, set goals and make a decision to change your financial routine into the better. Don’t even doubt your ability to do that! “I can’t do that” is one of the phrases rich people never say. That’s why get ready for changes and Personal Money Service will provide you with January money saving tips to make your way a little easier.

Visit After-Christmas Sales

All the Christmas gifts are already bought and given, stores are not that busy, discounts for some goods are really impressive! Why not to take advantage of that? You can start getting ready for the next Christmas and buy decorations and gifts on sale and look for items that are not related to Christmas. For example, look for birthday gifts and other things that you may need. However, don’t forget to check expiration dates if you’re thinking to save a purchase for a while.

Check Local Consignment Stores

Instead of going to a mall or to a local chain supermarket to buy a new pair of shoes for children or a winter coat for yourself, go to a consignment store. There you can find what you need and enjoy more than reasonable price! Consignment stores give consumers an opportunity to save a significant amount of money, so take advantage of this!

Use Your Gift Cards

In 2012 Times Magazine reported that about 2 million dollars on gift cards were unused. Do not add your gift cards to this number and use them. Check the stores gift cards you have for and think if you need to buy anything over there. Don’t make a money mistake by wasting the money you have on a gift card. If you really find your gift cards useless, sell them for less than face value on sites like Ebay or GiftcardGranny. Always think twice. You may think you don’t need something, but if you try, you can find out how to make use of it.

Buy Furniture and Electronics

january sales
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January sales are often generous and allow you saving a considerable amount of money. January is the right time to buy electronics, furniture, and health-related items.

If you have planned to buy some of these items later, better do it in January because most likely, you will not get such deals later in the year. Shop around and look for great discounts, it’s time when you can buy something you have dreamed of and save a lot of money! Don’t forget about helpful mobile apps that allow comparing prices in the stores and save your precious time.

Use Coupons

Couponing takes some time but it can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars! Don’t be lazy to use the opportunities it gives. Many coupon sites update their offerings each month so new coupons can be available and you can start saving money right away. Don’t forget to check the coupon policy at your local stores and make sure you benefit from any in-store deals they have on a weekly basis.

Also, start using amazing budgeting mobile apps we have told you about! January is the right time to start using new tools and money-saving strategies to achieve all your financial goals. Use these helpful tips and let your savings grow!