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Can You Get Bad Credit Home Refinancing?

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People with bad credit score still have home refinancing options. The only problem is that they will get higher interest rate than those borrowers who have good score rate. The reason is that the lenders consider people with low credit score more risky debtors.

The most significant part of your credit score is calculated according to your payment history. If you had problems with repaying previous debts, you are not so attractive to lenders. They consider lending to people with poor credit score riskier, so they want to protect their investments.

This means that you should weigh all benefits before choosing to refinance. Take into consideration your monthly payments and the total repayment period. Sometimes having lower interest rate will result in more money spent in a long run.

Thus, make sure refinancing is a good option for you when your score is low. The post “When is refinancing home mortgage worth it?” might help you to take the right decision.