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Pre-Qualified Credit Cards

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Pre-qualified (do not confuse it with prepaid credit cards) cards are called so because every potential card holder passes pre-qualification step. The cred card company gets in touch with the credit bureau and asks for information about your credit score. It means that your credit score for the providers is important.

Usually, the companies set a specific standard or a minimal credit score possible for qualification. That’s why not every person will qualify for this card.

The pre-qualified credit card company gives to the bureau a list of the clients and asks to provide it with information about their credit scores. It’s also known as a pre-screened credit card.

Such check doesn’t affect your credit, as it will be performed as a bank request to check your credit score in the credit report. Even if the score isn’t impressive, it won’t influence your credit.

Pre-qualified credit card providers inform every client about their decision in different ways: via email or phone call. Pre-qualified credit cards offer more affordable conditions as they don’t accept low credit scores or irresponsible borrowers. That’s why in most cases you will face with average interest rates and affordable terms and conditions.