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Where to Apply for Personal Student Loans?

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Speaking of the private student loans, every student should start with the Federal Stafford Loan. If they have maxed it out, they should draw their attention to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This option can qualify students for grants, work-study and other forms of student’s aid.

Don’t forget to apply for the Federal PLUS Loan. This sort of personal student loans sent directly to the student is less expensive and offers affordable loan terms.

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You should better look for personal student loans sent directly to a student as fees charged by many lenders usually increase the cost of the loan. A pair of hundred dollars is a substantial sum for a simple student. So, draw your attention to direct lenders, namely government programs first.

When you are looking for personal student loans without cosigner, you should focus on the LIBOR index over loans with the Prime Lending Rate. The long-term student loan based on the LIBOR index will be less expensive than the same loan based on the Prime Lending Rate. This index is more popular – half of the lenders in the USA work with LIBOR index, while only 2/5 of lenders work with the Prime Lending Rate.

Still, remember that law, medical and dental students after they graduate can’t apply for federal personal student loans bad credit.

In such cases, they should apply to private lenders. Many online companies offer financial aid for students. Still, it’s important to apply for professionals only.