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Personal Money Service is not a direct lender, but a connecting service that matches your loan request with one of the trusted lenders participating in the wide online network, thus you get more chances to qualify no matter what your credit score is. Soft credit check doesn't impact your credit score.
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There are many cases when personal loans can come to the rescue. If you are pressed for cash and need money to cover much-needed expenses, you can try to get a personal loan online to bolster your funds. Online lenders make decisions on the loan requests fast and some of them offer flexible loan amounts. Review the terms and choose the offer that fits your borrowing needs and finances.

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APR 59% - 199%
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Loan Term 9 - 24
Max Loan $4,000
APR 5.99% - 35.99%
with AutoPay
Loan Term 3 - 72
Max Loan $10,000
APR 6% - 35.99%
with AutoPay
Loan Term 6 - 60
Max Loan $5,000

How to Choose the Best Personal Loan Companies

More people are facing immediate financial disruptions these days. Some lose jobs, others tend to live paycheck to paycheck without having an emergency fund.

Over 19 million consumers take out personal loans, compared to the 176 million Americans with credit cards, according to the Chamber of Commerce.

If your savings account is empty it can be challenging to cover even short-term money gaps.

The best personal loan companies can help consumers get out of temporary financial shortfalls. Online reviews can help you decide which solution works best for you. Depending on your preferences and needs, you may choose a certain lender to turn to.

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Top Reasons to Apply to Personal Loan Lenders

You can hardly improve your earning potential all of a sudden but you can find reliable lenders to get an unsecured personal loan for a set period of time. Getting extra cash can be really helpful and save you from hardship. Don’t hurry up and make wise decisions when it comes to borrowing.

Specialists from Personal Money Service can facilitate your choice and help you get connected with the most trusted lenders.

People may experience different financial difficulties once in a while. Quick online personal loans serve as a short-term solution for the situations when you are strapped for funds. If you have steady employment and know you can afford to take out such fast lending options, it can be a smart decision.

There are many reasons for consumers to opt for personal loans today. Debt consolidation is one of the top reasons. Many people utilize credit cards but can’t pay high interest each month. So they choose to get small personal loans with lower rates to consolidate the existing debt.

If you meet the requirements of online personal loan lenders, you can probably pay less each month and repay the debt much faster.

Another widespread reason is to finance your big-ticket expenses. If you are planning to have an event (wedding or vacation), you can consider a personal loan with online approval.

Other expensive items can also be purchased with the help of a loan provided that you realize the pros and cons and it appears to be more affordable than borrowing cash from other sources.

Some people use this solution for emergency costs, medical bills, repair expenses, etc.

You can’t be always prepared for every curveball of life but having a quick helping hand and extra funds can often be necessary to stay financially afloat.

Financing home renovations or auto repairs with a personal loan is also a good idea if it happens all of a sudden and you don’t have enough cash to pay for it at once.

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Pros and Cons of Personal Loans

Before you make a decision, it is necessary to weigh all the benefits and drawbacks. If you need a personal loan you should make certain you have enough means to repay it on time so that it doesn’t hurt your credit history for the future.

Personal loans became one of the most fast-growing debt categories and reached $305 billion in the second quarter of 2019, according to Experian.

The main advantage of getting a personal loan is that you have a chance to get one lump sum for a stated period of time with a fixed rate. This way you can keep track of your monthly payments. Also, the money is typically lent with no documents, and instant financing has already become a reality. You can borrow money from the comfort of your home by submitting an easy application form.

On the other hand, beware of the APR and other terms as they vary. Also remember that no one can guarantee you approval as such decisions depend on the private lenders.

How to Compare Personal Loan Options

It’s essential to review several options and compare them before you make the final choice. Even the best personal loan lenders have different demands and offers.

Personal Money Service encourages customers to read the fine print and improve credit to qualify for better terms. Getting personal loans for bad credit is possible but the interest rates are usually higher and the terms are less flexible.

Personal Money Service tries to match your request with multiple direct lenders for your convenience. It saves time and lets consumers get connected with the best-fit offer automatically.

If you choose to shop for the best offer yourself, check the reviews and compare different private lenders to select the most affordable option. Pay attention to:

  • Approval requirements. When you compare top personal loans you can notice that they have different approval demands. Some lenders approve the requests of borrowers with stable employment while others require applicants to have an excellent credit to qualify. Search for the most suitable solutions and check with criteria you meet.
  • Interest rates. Concentrate on offers with the lowest interest but pay attention to extra fees and potential charges. Search for loans with no origination fee. If your credit is bad you may need some time to repair it first.
  • Loan amount. When you know the exact amount you need to borrow, shop around for the best offer. Don’t opt for larger sums even with attractive rates as you can end up paying much more than you’ve expected.
  • Repayment period. Some lenders can offer several repayment options. If you find it difficult to repay the debt on time try to negotiate more flexible terms and a longer repayment period. Getting a smaller loan means a shorter repayment term and less interest.

Every borrower is looking for quick online approval and wants to get the money fast. However, it pays to be careful and search for options to decide which one can work best in your case.

If you are ready to get extra cash today, feel free to turn to our professional service. We won’t make you wait long, while you just need to:

  • Submit a web form. We offer a quick and secure application form for your comfort and safety. It is fully protected and your sensitive data is never disclosed.
  • Get connected with a direct lender. Your online personal loan request is automatically matched with the top-notch lenders participating in the network. You get an instant decision on your request and negotiate with the lender on the loan terms.
  • Get money. Once your application is approved and you are aware of the terms, the money is deposited into your bank account. The whole process is fast and usually takes no more than 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a financial option that lets you borrow money in a lump sum that must be repaid over a fixed time together with the interest rate. Make sure you understand how personal loans work and review your credit profile to qualify for the best rates.

How to apply for a personal loan?

If you need to get a personal loan, you can either go to a local bank or other financial institutions or submit a quick online application. Lenders offer multiple choices for borrowers these days.

Which best describes a way people can use personal loans?

Personal loans online can be used for numerous reasons: to cover immediate medical bills, overdue rent bills, repair your auto, finance home renovations. Some people borrow money to fund an upcoming vacation or wedding.

Where can I get a personal loan?

There are many companies and lenders who are ready to issue personal loans. We cooperate with the best companies available on the web. So, you can take out a loan from the comfort of your home if you apply online.

How long does it take to get a personal loan?

It usually doesn’t take long. You can get the funds as soon as the next business day (typically between 24 and 48 business hours). Although, it depends on the lender and the loan amount.

What is a benefit of obtaining a personal loan?

It allows consumers to solve urgent financial problems especially if they are strapped for funds and don’t have any money in their savings account.

How much of a personal loan can I get?

Every lender has different offers and maximum amounts. Borrowers can get $5,000 or more for different purposes.