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Personal Money Service is not a direct lender, but a connecting service that matches your loan request with one of the trusted lenders participating in the wide online network, thus you get more chances to qualify no matter what your credit score is. Soft credit check doesn't impact your credit score.
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Bad Credit Personal Loans

Personal loans for bad credit are often the best option for people who need to bridge the cash gaps. However, that doesn’t mean that such loans are only for people with poor credit. It just means that bad credit personal loans can be sometimes more expensive to cover the extra risk lenders take.

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Minimum Credit Score


APR Range

59% - 199%with autopay

Loan Amounts Up to $100 per day
Fixed APR Does not charge interest
Loan Terms Until your scheduled payday
Frees No late fees ororigination fees
Time to Recive Funds Same day funding avalible
Recommended Credit Score No credit check required
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Best for Fair Credit



this rating is our subjective opinion

Minimum Credit Score


APR Range

59% - 199%with autopay

Loan Amounts Up to $100 per day
Fixed APR Does not charge interest
Loan Terms Until your scheduled payday
Frees No late fees ororigination fees
Time to Recive Funds Same day funding avalible
Recommended Credit Score No credit check required
Read the full review: Earning Personal Loans
Best for Fair Credit



this rating is our subjective opinion

Minimum Credit Score


APR Range

59% - 199%with autopay

Loan Amounts Up to $100 per day
Fixed APR Does not charge interest
Loan Terms Until your scheduled payday
Frees No late fees ororigination fees
Time to Recive Funds Same day funding avalible
Recommended Credit Score No credit check required
Read the full review: Earning Personal Loans

Best Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit

Just because you have a poor credit score does not necessarily mean you have no options. You have opportunities, but there are a few questions you need to ask yourself first.

  • What types of personal loans can I get if I have bad credit?
  • How do I qualify for a personal loan if I have bad credit?

Have you found yourself in a tough financial situation or have already depleted your savings? You’re not alone. And you do have a way out. Personal loans could be the helping hand you need.

Living a debt-free life is a dream for 21 percent of Americans who have never had emergency savings.

You might have already run out of emergency savings or struggle financially, but fret not. It’s hard to be down to your last $5 — literally. But you can find a solution that will help get you back on track with your money.

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How to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

The number of US consumers qualifying for personal loans increased 29 percent in 2019, according to Experian.

Well, no wonder. User convenience and 24/7 availability are some key reasons people choose personal loans.

Sure, good credit would be beneficial when hunting for the best loan options with the lowest interest rates. But what if you have bad credit? Are you out of options? No!

Bad credit personal loans could be the one-stop solution for you.

The good news is that some lenders specialize in personal loans for people with bad credit. For you, that means a higher chance to get cash when you need it the most.

When you face a major expense but have already run down your savings (like 16% of U.S. residents did earlier this year), you might need to take out a loan to cover your bills and expenses.

When qualifying for a loan, your credit report isn’t the only factor considered. However, it has a huge impact on the result.

If you know that your credit is not stellar, a personal loan for bad credit is still an option. The good thing is that an increasing number of lenders don’t solely rely on your credit. Many of them factor in alternative data, such as your income, assets, or your debt to get a more complete picture of how likely you are to repay the loan.

Why would people apply for a personal loan for bad credit? Well, the reasons vary from paying for emergency expenses to consolidating debt or even making large purchases.

Yet, one thing that these borrower have in common is lack of cash. You can find a loan designed specifically to provide you with the cash you need. However, if your a credit is not in tip-top shape, it is difficult to get approved.

No matter how hard you try to avoid them, emergencies happen. And once you find yourself financially stuck, you might worry that having poor credit means that you are unable to get a bad credit personal loan. It doesn’t have to!

What it means is that it will be more difficult for you to find the best options. You do have the opportunity to apply for online personal loans for bad credit, which you would need to repay within a short amount of time (usually weeks or months).

What about personal loans from traditional banks? Not a good idea for people with bad credit. Why? First, most banks don’t offer small personal loans. Second, they have strict credit criteria, including requiring a good ton excellent score. Finally, as a person with a poor credit history, you would be deemed riskier. Traditional banks want to minimize possible risks, so they would likely decline your personal loan application..

So, if you’re in a tough financial situation and need money quickly, banks are not an ideal option for you. Save time from day one and get assistance from a lender that provides bad credit personal loans online.

Depending on the lender, the loan terms can vary significantly. Of course, you’ll want to find an option that fits you best. That’s why it makes the most sense to apply through a lender marketplace instead of a direct lender. That way you’ll connect with several direct lenders with a single loan application.

In short, you'll save time and probably a lot of money.

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Who Gives Personal Loans for Poor Credit Online?

If you face challenges in qualifying for loans due to a poor credit score, you can rest assured solutions exist. Still, you can get cash, though you’ll have to do some extra work.

Whether you need to pay medical bills, car repair costs, or even cover your basic monthly expenses, it always pays to shop around for the best loan places.

Finding a place with trustworthy and certified lenders is not an easy task. What’s more difficult is finding one that can offer a personal loan with bad credit.

No need to put your dreams on ice. It’s time to get the funds you need. Get over your financial loss with Personal Money Service.

Apply online and learn your options for getting approved. Traditional banks don’t get tired of rejecting loan requests, but we work toward the opposite goal of helping you get personal loans with bad credit. So, if you know where you stand with lenders, it'll be easier to find what you need.

Apply for a Bad Credit Personal Loan

On the other hand, you may want to borrow money from family or friends. Even though this may seem like a tempting idea because you could save money on interest, it’s not always a better option. From the moment you borrow money from a loved one, you’re open to scrutiny. Even the tiniest detail like a grocery list may take the spotlight. Conflicts about money can quickly escalate into tension or even damaged relationships.

Apply for personal loans no credit check, and you’ll avoid ruining your relationships. By filling out the request form, you’ll connect with several lenders that are ready to approve you quickly. You can get funds by the next day. Got unexpected expenses? Request a bad credit personal loan and pay it off on time. The result? Your relationships with family and friends are still intact and your bills are paid.

Still in doubt? Afraid about a credit check? Well, there’s something to consider. Every finance-related service provider is required to make a “soft pull” on your credit to check your credit worthiness. Don’t worry because a soft pull will not harm your credit history. Think of it as a necessary step to verify your identity. That’s why we offer you immediate assistance from a direct lender when you face a challenging situation.

So, if you need money urgently, consider doing the following:

  • Know your credit. It might seem weird, but 54 percent of U.S. adults never check their credit scores. Know where you stand. Otherwise, you could do more harm to your credit. So, before you qualify for a loan, consider how far you can get.
  • Decide how much to borrow. Different lenders can offer you larger amounts to borrow, but you’ll have to consider how fast you’ll be able to repay it. Think realistically. Interest rates that are too high on too much money can get you into unnecessary debt.
  • Prepare what you need to apply for a loan. As we mentioned earlier, a borrower with poor credit is considered risky. A lender might want to find out more about you. Be prepared to give your annual income, monthly housing payment, or the name of your employer. So, if you need money fast, make sure you have this information on hand.
  • Fill in a short application form. Here comes the fun part. Take a few minutes' to add your information and get access to all the options available on the market. That might include personal, financial, and employment data.
  • Compare options. Make sure you understand the loan details of the loan you’re applying for. Understand things like penalties, fees, and types of interest before you apply.
  • Get matched with the lender. To bridge your short-term money gaps, connect to the lender who is the right fit for you to receive the emergency funds you need.
  • Obtain a loan. The final stage is getting approved for the loan and getting the funds you need in your account. Then you are hopefully on the way to better financial circumstances.

Choosing Best Options for Bad Credit

In times when you need a personal loan with bad credit, researching options can be daunting. But you can save time from day one. Get assistance with the best personal loans for bad credit from our connected lenders. Remember that your situation is unique, even with poor credit. So, it makes sense to look for the best bad credit personal loans (even bad credit furniture financing) and top loan companies through Personal Money Services.

And though there are different reasons to take out a loan, always use personal loans responsibly and don’t treat them like free money. At the end of the day, the best online personal loans for people with poor credit exist for a reason – to help finance unexpected expenses fast and get you on the road to a better financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get approved for a personal loan with bad credit?

Need a bad credit personal loan? It’s easy to get started. Turn to Personal Money Service and get access to quick cash. Find a lender who can help you finance your unexpected expenses. It’s quick and easy.

Which loan company is best for bad credit?

The list of lenders who offer personal loans for people with bad credit is not short, in fact. There are different financial service providers designed to work with people whose credit is far not stellar. And just because every situation is unique, the choice for a lender depends on it.

Where can I get a personal loan with bad credit?

To get a personal loan for people with bad credit, fill in the request form online. We match your request with direct lenders to offer you the best options to choose from.

What's the easiest loan to get with bad credit?

The best thing about loans is that when you desperately need a loan but have bad credit, you still have options. Sure, this might not always be the best way out, yet when you’re limited in time, there’s a chance to get funds. You can find a lender who provides personal loans specifically for people with bad credit, just do research.

Rebecca McClay is a financial writer, editor and and content consultant who has over 10 years of experience covering personal finance, business and investing. She is a regular conrtributor to Investopedia and published in Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, TheStreet, MarketWatch, Investorplace Media, Money Morning, etc.