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With the continuing promotion of PayPal service in the UK, the company can now announce the launch of PayPal Credit in this country. The company follows its basic ideas of developing and presenting new and convenient paying options for its clients.

No matter if you are an existing client of PayPal service or a new one, this service is now available for you. Clients only need to add a credit limit to the digital wallet by a simple application. It can be done in 2 ways: filling in the application form at the official website of the company, or through licensed retailers such as Dyson, Chain Reaction Cycles, Blacks, Samsung, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors, and Simply Games. Continue reading, as Personal Money Service has even more to say.

Why Do You Need this Option?

PayPal has created an option for its clients enabling them to purchase goods and services with PayPal Credit at all sites that work with PayPal. You also don’t have to pay interest on your purchase over £150 (or $212). However, at the websites of selected retailers, you may be proposed to pay definite interest according to their agreements with PayPal. In the US the PayPal service is more developed and offer interest-free options at $99 that is more than twice lower.

Users of PayPal Credit have good online managing service with a possibility to monitor their purchases through the PayPal app. But you can also take control over your account over your mobile phone. This convenience makes it possible to plan necessary purchases depending on the goods’ prices and cover the credit early with no extra charges.


PayPal is determined to develop its platform by improving its credit services. This increased convenience is necessary to attract retailers who want to provide their clients with more paying options. So, finally, clients get more financial options to make their purchases.

Managing Director of PayPal Company in the U.K., Cameron McLean proudly announced that PayPal is not just a button on a site. Modern technologies give developers an opportunity to change the image of money. For clients, this means more convenience and choice for online shopping. For business, the company presents newly available services to attract clients with flexible payment options. Being a newly independent company, PayPal tends to cooperate with retailers to present new and improved payment services.

Getting Payments in Bitcoins

get paid in bitcoins
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What is more, PayPal promotes a new possibility for clients to get payments in bitcoins. The platform of the service is determined to support the development of different value-added services created to assist businesses of different sizes.

It’s becoming more convenient for them to manage their invoice clients, cash flow, and pay bills. Also, it reduces the necessity for retailers to receive and keep sensitive client personal and financial information.

Initially, PayPal made a statement of accepting Bitcoin due to the company’s integration with Braintree in the last September. But later the partnership with BitPay, GoCoin, and Coinbase was announced.

It was also said that PayPal is now performing assistance in the intermediary between retailers and customers. However, the price of the service will be covered by retailers and the payment processor.