olympics in rio
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There are just a few weeks left for the Olympic Games to start this summer. The excitement is high and all people throughout the world are rearranging their travel plans to be in time for booking a trip to Rio. The highly anticipated event makes the costs high. But even if it’s out of pocket, there is still a chance for you to visit Rio and become a part of one of the brightest events of 2016. We recommend to get a loan and repay it in installments and consider several tips below which will help you to enjoy your trip on a budget.

Consider a Cheaper Flight

You always find the cheaper cost for a flight if you try. Besides, according to travel app Hopper, it is expected for the airfare to bring the cheapest summer fares in seven years this summer, so you should take advantage of that to spin out money.

Choose an Alternative Airport

You can save some cash considering flying into other Brazilian airports such as Sao Paulo or Fortaleza as an alternative to the Rio airport. Take advantage of cheaper and almost always available tickets.

Save $160 in Visa Fees

Sometimes a visa costs hundreds of dollars, however, the good news is that Brazil is waiving visas between June 1 and Sept. 16, which is exactly the period for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games to take place, so Americans can save $160 automatically. Here are more pieces of advice on how to spend money properly when you are abroad.

Try Staying out of City

Staying at the heart of the action is what each visitor desires the most. But it will be sufficiently cheaper to choose the accommodation outside the city, Consider such neighborhoods as Copacabana, Ipanema, Barra da Tijuca, Santa Teresa, Centro, Lagoa, Botafogo, and Santa Teresa. It can help you to save your budget.

Apartment or Hostel instead of Traditional Hotel

Consider alternative accommodation to save your budget. There are many affordable in-home options. Not only they serve as a good solution for the last-minute option and do provide value for families or friends traveling in a big group, but can also put you in contact with locals.

This will make you see the country and its people from the inside and is just more exciting than spending time in a hotel.

Communicate with Locals

Always ask the locals. No guidebook can ever tell you more than people who live in the city and are always aware of the cheapest meals for under $20 (here are 20 ways to save hundreds on groceries), free activities and attractions, unique and out of the beaten line destinations. Some most friendly locals can even offer you to be a guest for dinner in their house.

Consider Free Activities

In order to explore the city, you do not necessarily need much money, There are lots of free activities, with the help of which you can dip yourself into the culture and local flavor. For example, take time to visit Copacabana Beach, a gorgeous place to spend time.