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Another year has passed so it’s time to summarize and analyze financial events that happened in your life in 2015! Don’t forget to ask yourself essential financial questions to be successful in 2016. Money is an important part of life but it will never be more important than a family and spending time with your beloved, so in any situation, remember about your true priorities.

We, Personal Money Service company, say thanks to our consumers for appreciating our services and financial products. We wish you to stay financially responsible in any situation in your life, control your spending, boost your income and always be on top of your finance! Don’t forget about top personal finance tips:

Do Budgeting

Planning your budget is a must for healthy financial life. Learn to divide your expenses and first of all, cover the necessary ones. Setting a budget will help you to understand what is important and what is not and also it will help to avoid various financial problems.

Save Money

Save for retirement and for a rainy day. Savings is something that helps to you to feel financially secured and confident in your tomorrow. That’s why save at least 10% of your monthly income for retirement and some money (10% is also recommended) for emergency occasions. If it’s not comfortable for you and you always find excuses for not making savings, use automatic payments and save money automatically!

Live Below Your Means

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Never compare yourself to others. Your neighbors may have a big house and a fancy car but you don’t know what it takes for them to make impressive mortgage and car loan payments each month. That’s why better avoid getting in debt when it’s possible and live below your means.

Make Plans

Life can’t stand on one place and so are you! Don’t forget that you need to go ahead and improve yourself to be happy. Do financial planning and set new horizons, dream and work hard to make your dreams come true! Everything depends on us. It’s never too late to start making more money, build savings, set financial goals and achieve them!

Personal Money Service wishes you and your beloved ones a Happy New Year and sends the best wishes!